joplin, missouri.

after he put some finishing touches on his summer ep, jon and i walked around this town shooting some photos. we came to the conclusion that this seems like the kind of place that you drive through to get to other places. reason being is because we saw lots of people driving around, but literally no one walking on the streets. it was weird.

before the show tonight, the guys worked on their new song called 'this is home' for the new narnia movie. it's coming together quite nicely.

the show tonight was great as always. one special thing that the guys did in honor of today's date was dust off '4:12'. such a great song. i love the kind of police-ish kind of vibe it has live. so fun.


  1. rose says

    i really like that b&w one of jon, andy. it reminds me of my dad.

    i realize that could probably be taken as an insult, but i don't mean it that way.

    tyler hillsman says

    I was at this concert in the front row. It was awesome! Great show, guys! (And great pictures, too!)

    Susieq3c says

    Mmmm....4:12 is one of my favorites and I've only heard it live once. 4/12 is my yeah, it's special.
    I love the daily foot.

    Job says

    haha. they played 4:12 on 4/12

    Keera says

    I'm glad they dusted off 4:12 for 4/12. It sounded amazing. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway: it was a great show. I don't think I've ever heard it be so quiet during 24. Great pictures, Andy!

    Rachel says

    I was at this show! My first Switchfoot show ever! It was beyond amazing, to say the very least! It alternated from being utterly surreal to very, very real and natural. On many occasions I about cried, either for the sheer beauty and depth of a song, or the whole glorious-ness and humility of it all.
    And I'm not sure...but I think I can see my box of cookies that I gave them before the show in the b/w one of the guys in their room getting ready. It might be the one by the laptop by the mirror. 'Course, I could be very wrong. ;)
    And what'd the guys eat for dinner, Rib Crib? (the black styrofoam boxes)

    Thanks for the awesome night! There's a reason, many reasons why Switchfoot is my favorite band, and their passion for well, everything, is certainly one of them. I could just feel the life hanging in the air that night, and when breathed in, it was absolutely intoxicating.

    :) <3