iowa city, iowa.

so apparently, whoever books shows at this college has impeccable taste. when we got here, some of the local kids said that this year they've had wilco, bob dylan with elvis costello, ben folds, bon iver, ryan adams, and last night they had counting crows. now add switchfoot and athlete to that list. pretty sweet.

tonight's show was the first show back after the video shoot for the narnia song, so naturally, 'this is home' made its way into the setlist. such a great tune. it's one of those songs that after you hear it for the first time, you can't get it out of your head (and i mean that in the best way possible).


  1. Louisa says

    I whole heartedly agree. 'This is home' is still stuck in my head after seeing it on youtube

    Emily Makar says

    RAD shots!

    Susieq3c says

    So after hearing that line up of shows, I wonder do these kids get any studying done? Man. College life the way it should be.

    And I agree with the lovely Emily. Andy, your images have some sort of ethereal quality about them. Gorgeous, as always!

    Job says

    Maybe a This Is Home video shoot podcast? hehe.

    I agree tho. that songs been stuck in my head all day.

    Anonymous says

    I need to transfer to that school ASAP!

    Anonymous says

    I thought ya'll were supposed to be in Mississippi on April 19.

    *Emily* says

    An amazing show all around! This Is Home was probably my favorite part. The venue wasn't all the big which made for more of a family atmosphere. Those shots are soo great!