poplar bluff, missouri.

i'm calling it right now. today will probably go down as one of the greatest days on tour ever. we woke up early (which you would think would make a day on tour not especially good, but keep reading) and headed on over to a friend's parents farm, which has now been converted into a 4x4 paradise. it has mud pits, backwoods trails, dragstrips, jumps; it's got everything. by the end of the day we were all just covered in mud and had huge grins on our faces. probably one of the most podcast-worthy events ever. be on the lookout.

we head back to the venue, clean up a bit, the guys soundcheck, and then we went out and a did another little mini photo shoot. this town is as photogenic as they come, so we just wandered around and shot stuff.

back at the show, the guys owned it tonight, as always. hearing 'this is home' has been great every night, because frankly, it rules. maybe not as much as 4x4ing through the backwoods of missouri, but seriously, what can beat that? not much.


  1. rose says

    andy, i hope you were on a 4x4 at one point and not just filming.

    drc says

    I love the shot in front of the Wiseman building. I remember thinking how interesting the place was when I saw it.

    Anonymous says

    wow those are really neat shots :D

    Erin says

    I am so jealous. amazing.

    Anonymous says


    I am sure you dont know this but my grand-mother, your great-grandmother grew up in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Her maiden name was Morris.

    Dad Barron