troy, alabama.

a sweet 4x4 track is a hard act to follow, but for most of us on this tour, a sweet college baseball stadium next to the venue might be up there on the list of awesome things to have near a venue. while some of us were over watching the game, a guy from the school came down and asked if someone would sing 'take me out to the ball game' fr the 7th inning stretch. being the baseball lover he is, tim obliged, and the rest of us laughed. he did great.

back across the street at the show, we celebrated yet another awesome rock show, but we also celebrated our genius guitar tech beaty's birthday. complete with roman soldier and all. it was awesome.


  1. rose says

    aw, happy belated birthday, beaty.

    Anonymous says

    happy belated birthday, Beaty =)

    PS please tell me that Tim's singing will get into the podcast. we never get to hear him sing. haha xD

    Another Andy says

    C'mon, Andy...They're the's a Trojan soldier...

    Excellent photos, btw...I love the two of Chad...

    Courtney L says

    tim's singing is pretty clear on the Etc. songs =]

    are you looking for something to sell?

    Anonymous says

    i was at this show. I was front row!! befor the show me and my friend met jerome, Thanks jerome it was awsome getting to see you.

    re:bekah says

    you're pictures are looking exceptionally awesome recently Andy. Keep up the good work!

    Anonymous says

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