hattiesburg, mississippi.

today's show was in this weird circular basketball arena. i mean, i knew it was a basketball arena due to the banners and whatnot all over the place, but the place was perfectly circular. and, the little offices we set up in were looking directly over the floor so its like we're in a media box or something watching the game. weird, but awesome.

tonight's show was pretty great. actually before switchfoot stepped on to the stage, drew went out and played a song with the athlete guys. it really filled up the room having drew playing guitar up there with them. super fun.

after that, the ol' switchfoot boys went up and rocked as usual. jon has been wearing a hat on stage as of late, but tonight, it made its rounds amongst the stage right portion of the stage. oh, and jerome had a killer jump tonight.


  1. Megan says

    go jerome! it definitely was a pretty sweet jump...

    Lori says

    After seeing Jerome's perfect jump, I do believe he taught the Foreman brothers how it is done! When it happened, I was like wait that's Jerome doing a jump not Jon or Tim. Mr. Shirley, it is only a matter of time for you now.

    And Andy Barron-you're the best. Thanks for being such a nice guy

    joyful1 says

    so... did you capture Jerome in his super jump? the masses would love to see it ^.^

    again, thank you Andy for being our eyes.

    Anonymous says

    Too bad I missed it. Switchfoot needs to come again on their next tour.

    Anonymous says

    Definitely a awesome show, Southern Miss loved having y'all...come back soon!

    Anonymous says

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