huntsville, alabama.

well, today i think we had as close we as we will have to up in arms tour olympics. sports were played (baseball and soccer), people were injured (no comment), and 2 countries were represented (america and england). it was awesome. everyone won gold medals (metaphorically speaking.)

so i'm pretty sure tonight was the best show of the tour. the guys played the longest set list they have played in a long time, and the crowd was just ridiculous. i think the setlist was big thinking that my cut cut 1 or 2 out mid set, but they just kept on going. it ruled.


  1. Lori says

    It ruled indeed!!!!!

    Courtney L says

    ahh finally! i've been waiting for this entry for forever. this concert was INCREDIBLE!

    Courtney L says

    ahhh and i can totally see myself in two of these pictures!

    Ethan Hodges says

    It was so amazing that words can hardly explain it. Probably the best concert I've been to.

    Sarah says

    andy, my amazing phototaking friend...
    when are you going to post the daily foot from may first? i went to that show, and i'm quite anxious to see the pictures you took and what you thought about that day.
    the sooner that can get up, the better.

    Rebekah says

    ahhh! this concert was totally AWESOME. im glad to hear it was one of the best on the tour. i had so much fun. ive been waiting for this blog. =)

    Emily Makar says

    i don't know how you keep up with all of these daily foot entries and photos! there are so many... you're doing a good job, andy

    Luke says

    Love the ghetto water bottle home plate in the 1st pic.

    Luke says
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    Anonymous says

    I went to this concert and It was the greatest day of my life. Switchfoot was awesome!! They were so energetic. And the crowd was just ridiculous!!