nashville, tennessee.

tonight's show was not part of the up in arms tour, but rather a preview night for the upcoming music builds tour. if tonight's show is any indication of how this fall is going to be, then it will rule, because switchfoot seriously killed it tonight. one of their best performance of this run of shows so far.

it was GMA week, so there were many friends in family in town. after the show there was a big dinner hang out and then everyone crashed. time to catch up on sleep.


  1. Susieq3c says

    My brother is somewhere in that crowd! His first SF show ever! His face is still melting off!!!

    rachel says

    awwwwwwwwww only one photo??? j/k

    eyes on says

    i love me some andy barron pictures. :)

    Sarah says

    great pic andy!!!! :D i'm still anxiously waiting the update for Ocean City, NJ.

    i'll bake you a cake when you make that update. seriously, i will. you might not get to eat any of it.... but i'll make you one. ;) heheh.

    CJMG says

    Since there's no Foot about Stamford, yet, I shall add my two cents: It was radzilla! We loved the show---the performances were tight. SF just keeps getting better.

    CJMG says

    P.S. Andy, my daughter's picture with you rocks. Thanks for posing with her after the Meet & Greet. :) You rock for doing that---it made her night.