jacksonville, florida.

well, we have all been looking forward to today because now starts our first jaunt into florida in awhile. as a state, it has always been very good to us, and today was no exception because not only did a bunch of people on the tour's families come out to visit, but so did NBC news! they are doing a story on TWLOHA so they filmed interviews with people and also during the show when jamie spoke and when the guys played love is the movement. it was pretty sweet. it'll be on the nightly news soon i'm sure. twloha's myspace will be all over it i think.

maybe it was the family or the NBC pressure, but tonight's show was so much fun. it was a down and dirty rock club complete with lots of heat and sweat, and also a fake deer? random, but awesome.

(oh, and that picture of drew spitting water really has no relevance to the show or anything, i just thought it looked awesome, and apparently tim and chad did also. cheers!)


  1. Anonymous says

    my new favorite pictures are found in this entry.

    i must say: wOw

    claire says

    AHAHAHAHAH thank you. these are great ones.

    Sarah says

    andy, my friend, why didn't you post about May 1 and what's up with not posting about that anyway?????

    that is MY SHOW and i want to know about it.

    StMarksGal says

    Yay for Jacksonville! I was there, and it was awesome :). What, no crowd pictures, Andy?

    Adam says

    ah yes, the deer. haha.
    Drew said that they had picked it up at the GMA awards the night before - he told me he had gone to hop in his bunk, and found it sleeping there.

    Mark Klassen says

    Hey Andy, are you gonna be posting any pictures from the Rochester show? It'd be great to see some the photos. Your photography is amazing! Keep up the good work.

    Sophie says

    Please write an entry for the other shows?
    Thanks Andy, great photos =)

    ashley says

    this show really was amazing.
    and yes, that random fake deer..

    great photos. i love the second one.

    Lee says

    Ha ha love the one with drew, tim, and the deer! I guess the deer wasn't too crazy about it, though...

    Job says

    Hey Andy! great as usual!

    I think you got the date messed up though... hehe. Wasn't Jacksonville April 24, not May 5? hehe... just making sure...

    Alex says

    Excuse me Mr. Andy but I wanted to know if there are any faboulously photogenic pictures of Drew on the roof in Ocean City?

    If so, posting them would be pretty sweet. :)

    Valerie says

    thanks for putting up the entries....the fake deer was at the show in Charlottesville VA too!! it would be cool if you could put entries or photos from the other shows... April 27th for example :)

    but i'm sure you are so busy touring and all...so its alright

    Sarah Good says

    *puts on sunglasses* hey dude. you messed up the date, dude. we still love you, dude, but please fix it and put up more photos from, say, ocean city. dude.
    *takes off sunglasses and smiles*

    blackhawk says

    thx for the pics andy

    Anonymous says

    Just stumbled upon your blog, loved the music and am so disappointed that I missed the Jacksonville show. Are you coming back here???? please?

    Nicole says

    I went to 5 shows on this tour and this show was definitely the best! Actually, maybe my favorite show of the 16 switchfoot concerts i've been to. yeah, that night was fun.

    and i see myself in one of those pictures.