myrtle beach, south carolina.

this venue rules. it's probably my favorite house of blues, and for a few reasons. it looks awesome from the outside, and behind it there is a sweet alligator amusement park kind of thing behind it. so awesome.

the guys have been doing this new intro to the show lately. don't know how often it's going to happen, but it's pretty sweet. i'm not going to give away what it is, cause i mean, what's the fun in that.

tonights show was super fun. especially because it was drew's birthday. during the pause in american dream, all the twolhans and athletes and sf crew came out with a cake and sang happy birthday to him. sorry there's no pictures, i was videotaping.

after the show, we all hung out for bit, told stories with the athlete boys, watched some conan, then slept. good times.

happy birthday drew.


  1. Anonymous says

    It looks like Chad is trying to have a lecture, while eating food in front of the T.V.

    I-seek-the-Infinite says


    WE LOVE YOU!!!


    See you on the 12th!!!

    Susieq3c says

    I've got birthday pix!! I'll have them on the boards soon!

    Erin says

    I love drews zoolander pose with the alligator. perfect.

    Anonymous says

    Real Bitchin Barron...I LIKE....ITS NICE!!!

    Emily Makar says

    thanks andy! can't wait to see the podcast.

    Emily Makar says

    and happy belated birthday, Drew!