covington, kentucky.

so technically we are in kentucky today, but it's more like the greater cincinnati area i think. covington is a weird town because all we've seen so far are wedding dress/tuxedo stores and pawn shops. there were a few guitar and keyboard gems in pawn shops, but no one got any new toys.

the show tonight was in this cool old little theater so it was small and intimate. those kind of shows are always super fun.

afterwards, there was a dance party on athlete's bus. well, it was kind of a dance party. there were only three guys really dancing, so if that counts as a party, then party on.


  1. Anonymous says

    This was a great show! Probably my favorite because of the small setting and energy in the room.

    Jacqui says

    Holy craps. Did they play faust? Chad isn't behind the drums...
    *goes to find the setlist*

    drc says

    Dance parties are not defined by the number of people dancing (at least I hope not, if so then my entire junior year must be rethought...)

    Adam says

    "I know you're like the party but the party never stops
    (i know you're like the party but the party never stops)
    well i know you
    (i know you)
    i know you."

    -a wonderful band on tour with our favorite.

    Job says

    I know this is random, but Tim not wearing a dressy shirt? whoa. circa 2003-2005ish?

    dance party.. nice!

    rose says

    man, the pics of chad have been cracking me up lately.

    gabby says

    I agree with Rose hahaha Chad can really put a smile on a face, eh?

    And dance party.. sounds oh so very interesting :D

    Anonymous says

    I have dance parties all the time when Im a long in a room. so three people dancing together is more of a dance crowd/festival in my book. the number of people does not determine the party! thats kind of a funny word.

    LucyLocket says

    I thought it was a great concert. The Meet & Greet afterwards was a nice, small crowd, just perfect for being able to talk with each member of the band. Did not appreciate the venue's employees' comments about the band and the crowd attending the show. I hope Switchfoot doesn't play there again.

    John says

    This was basically amazing. I mean Jon wore my hat, what's not to love?