aiken, south carolina.

today was very reminiscient of the appetite for construction tour (well, except there was no relient k or ruth), but it was in a big school arena, and the show was awesome and jon had a big area to run around in during the show. it pretty much ruled. the crowd tonight was also amazing by the way. big ups to you if you were there.

tonight was also fun because we had our very first friends of the foot meet and greet ever. if you haven't heard, the guys have started a fan club called 'friends of the foot'. it's been goin pretty well so far, and tonight was no exception!. booyah.


  1. Jacqui says

    Chad seriously has been making the best faces for your shots, Andy.

    Ha, and I love that first picture of jon. He looks different.

    Very nice reportage, very nice.

    Rose says

    HAHA, thank you andy. for that first picture. I just laughed for about 5 minutes straight.