ft. walton beach, florida.

we have now done switchfoot photo shoots near yet another ocean; the atlantic. it was kind of overcast and well lit at the same time (who knows how that happened), so after some clutch scouting by switchfoot crew member Miggs, we shot some photos out in the sand. they turned out pretty sweet.

after the mini shoot and some dinner, it was time for the show. tonight's was interesting because it was at this restaurant/club that was literally on the beach. like, for reals. ON the beach. it was awesome.

it must've been the close proximity to the water, because the guys were on it tonight. the crowd definitely wanted to rock, so rock they did. everyone involved had such a blast. drew even broke a string from rocking so hard. that never happens!

florida, we'll be back. oh, and big props to the myriad who opened all the shows up til now. they seriously rule real hard. peace!


  1. rose says

    that is one sweet shot of romey, andy.

    Jessica:) says

    i really like the pic of the guys from the back that was taken at the beach! noice update. :D

    Victoria says

    That shot of the guys from the back on the beach is gorgeous! I wish it were available bigger; I'd totally use it as my wallpaper.

    Thanks for all the gorgeous photos!