new orleans, louisiana.

so some of the guys woke up early and did the smart thing by walking down to cafe du monde and getting some beignets and coffee. when they came back, jon and tim spent some time recording part of jon's latest solo ep 'summer'. it sounds good. real good. like, i'm craving lemonade and want to sit in a hammock.

some college basketball was watched on tv, and then it was time for the show.

tonight's show was probably my favorite of the tour so far. it's always great to get into a good club that sounds nice and big and loud. the guys have been playing 'love is a movement' for the past few nights, and as an old school switchfoot fan, it's been pretty amazing to hear. such a great song.

oh, then chad fought an alligator. no biggie.


  1. Nikki says

    Chad Butler is my hero.

    PS I wish I could hear LITM live.. =(

    Anonymous says

    i was there!!
    and it was the best concert i have ever been to.thank you guys for making it so special. and thanks for coming out there and meeting all of us fans. it was amazing.
    see ya on the 19th.

    ohgravitysonfire says

    omg that is sooo freaky.
    i was on a backpacking trip for 4 days and on monday (the day of this show) i was packing up that morning to start coming down the mountain and our leader made us beignets for breakfast and i had mine with coffee. CRAZY!!!

    especially since i was in the mountains of NC not Louisiana...

    Anonymous says

    this had to have been the most amazing thing i have been to!
    visiting with the band was unspeachable !
    cant wait for yall to come back to the no next year !
    my brother and i will be attending that with out a doubt ;)