beaumont, texas.

it's not very often that you get to have shows around the corner from the world's 3rd largest fire hydrant. that happened today though in lovely beaumont, texas.

for pretty much much all of us on this tour, our day today started with going to the barking dog coffee shop down the street and enjoying the food, the coffee, and the free wifi. its a great little joint. we'll vsit there again later.

today's show was weird because it probably is one of the few outdoor shows this tour, and it starts way early. like, the switchfoot guys started playing at like 7. it all sounded a bit weird, but watching them play with the sun going down was pretty great.

after the show jon 'pied-pipered' his way over to the coffee shop and played some acoustic jams. it was one of the first aftershows in awhile, and it was so much fun.

after the show we headed to a hotel to shower, watch some wilco on SNL, and hit up our first waffle house of the tour. sweet tea is pretty much one of the best beverages ever. hands down. (ps, jamie is not yelling in the last photo. i think i just caught him on the phone.)


  1. Jacqui says

    Yes! I can see myself.

    And it was a little weird starting early. But it was one of my favorite shows from them. :D

    Very nice pictures, andy!

    gellie says

    "jon 'pied-pipered' his way over to the coffee shop"
    haha that's totally how it happens! he walks down the sidewalk with his guitar, tons of kids're right. jon is the pied piper.

    thanks for getting rid of the rats, jon. don't steal all our kids.

    Anonymous says

    Andy!!! i love you so much! i can't thank you enough for putting that pic of me & my freind as the little icon (fyi i'm the one holding the camera in the fourth pic). That means so much to me that you would do that for me =). The show was amazing. Jon's after show pretty much sealed the deal for me after rocking out in the front row and meeting all the guys. Dream come true!!! I also stole the set list off the stage & had them all sign it =P. I even got jerome & chad to talk to my sisters on the phone. flippin sweet. and meeting my hero was almost too good to be true.
    best night of my life.

    Lori says

    Thanks for doing the Daily Foot again Andy. Yes, sweet tea - "house wine of the South"- is the best beverage ever!! Deliveries of above mentioned beverage should be coming your way Mr. Barron. :)

    Have a great rest of the tour. Ft. Walton Beach - spent many a spring break on those beaches. Enjoy those beautiful white sandy beaches guys. See ya soon.

    Shelly says

    Jon's face in the last photo is priceless. Andy, your photo mad photo skills astound me. :)

    theresa says

    i see me!

    my first switchfoot concert, and it was amazingg.

    especially the coffeeshop.
    it was great meeting everyone. :)

    Cissi says

    Wow! Thanks for the pics Andy! They are great.
    Some of us had camera issues at the worst possible time- so these mean alot.
    It looks like the guys showed up at the more, well, scarier Waffle House in Beaumont.
    Thank you all for a great experience, everyone I spoke to was so happy to have been there! Great time!!

    jlhardy says

    The show was awesome!
    I've been a fan since Bomb and Chem 6a. I heard those on a mixed CD back in the Spring of '98, hardcore fan ever since!
    Saw you guys in Houston on 10-31-07 for the first time during the Appetite for Construction tour, but the chance to see you in Beaumont, the area i grew up in, was too good to be true. Never thought i would stand two feet from Jerome while he rocked it out... dream come true!
    I've been to several different concerts, but this was a once in a lifetime kind of show for me... at least until you guys come back!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Lindsey says

    If any of the guys happen to read this or anyone who works with switchfoot pretty please do a Meet N' Greet at the Waukesha Wisconsin show that would make the night awesome I'll be the little kid in the 4th row holdin up a poster that says 'Sign My Poster'

    Casey says

    The pictures are great as always, Andy. Can I expect this giant fire hydrant to show up in the next podcast?