tulsa, oklahoma.

day 2 of the up in arms tour has us in tulsa, which i'm pretty sure is like 40 degrees colder than it was yesterday. everyone's bundling up.

i think one of the highlights today was being on the bus while the guys were working on 'love is the movement'. being one of my favorite switchfoot songs, it was good to see it being resurrected for this tour.

about 2 minutes before switchfoot was about to go on stage all the house lights shorted out. good times. we decided to go ahead with the show using the lights we brought, and of course, the show was amazing. the show didn't fair so well for one of jon's guitars though. after the last song, jon laid his acoustic down like always, but this time there was a stairwell next to it that everyone in the band had to walk down to exit the room, and subsequently, the guitar was kicked and stepped on. like, a lot.

it'll live.


  1. Nikki says

    oh wow, that poor guitar =(
    but hey, i'm sure its 'just a flesh wound' haha.
    glad you guys had an amazing show despite the light problem :D

    Natalie says

    wow. that show was amazing. i'm so glad you guys added the date. thanks for coming! and i'm glad you had such a great time, i did too. please come back soon! God Bless,

    rachel says

    awww poor guitar! glad to here that you're playing love is the movement!

    Jessica:) says

    awww....jon's poor guitar. how sad! :(
    haha. chad is like pointing at his picture in the LTB lyric book thingy. haha. so long ago

    gellie says

    injured guitars are a sad sad thing.

    Job says

    haha. poor guitar

    joy says

    Hey Andy!

    The photo of Jerome is stunning =)

    James L. Allison - Collinsville High Computer Lab says

    Best show value I've ever been to. Caught the band at the fair last fall and was eager to see them again. The solid local opening bands and the two great middle bands (Myriad and Athlete) led up to a fantastic set by Switchfoot. Can't wait for the next release by the band. Come back to Tulsa A.S.A.P.

    lindsey says

    If any of the guys happen to read this or anyone who works with switchfoot pretty please do a Meet N' Greet at the Waukesha Wisconsin show that would make the night awesome I'll be the little kid in the 4th row holdin up a poster that says 'Sign My Poster'

    Anonymous says


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