san antonio, texas.

well, this tour started out like any other. we all convene in some random city (this time it happens to be san antonio, which rules) and make jokes like 'hey guys we should all go on tour together some time'. after said jokes were made, we sat around, watched the new podcast (cause drew hadn't seen it yet), and called it a night.


so today has been kind of crazy. the PA keeps going out and no one can soundcheck. good thing our sound guy ryan is a genius. he fixed it. the bands sound checked really fast, and then show time.

so given the circumstances, this was probably one of the best 'first shows' of a tour. the crowd was so into it and the guys were too. chem 6a was a definitely a welcome addition to the set. the guys said they might mix up the setlist this tour, so keep your fingers crossed.


  1. rose says

    aw, thanks andy. we love you guys, and i wish we could get you here more often.

    Jessica:) says

    omgzzz....Chem 6A. very old school. :D me likey! rad pictures andy!

    Lisa Baca says

    Dear Andy,
    My favorite song was "Your Love Is Strong," - let us know if Jon continues to surprise us with that one! God Bless

    tina Chong says

    no way, HI MRS. BACA!!!!!!


    rachel says

    YAY! daily foot!!!! i love the pics!!

    Lisa Baca says

    Dear Tina,
    Yes Way! Let's do it again someday:) Switchfoot Rocks! He got everyone to pray with that song in a way I didn't think possible!
    God Bless Everyone!

    tina says

    rose, can i borrow your mom for a day?

    rose says

    you can have her.

    (jk mom)

    gellie says

    hey it's rose's mom!

    hi, rose's mom! i hear you're a mean cook.

    (oh and thanks for the update as always, andy.)

    Lisa Baca says

    Dear Andy,
    You are the greatest! Switchfoot, please come back again to San Antonio anytime! Bring Jamie the next time for sure. Every song is strong and speaks from the heart and especially so Jon can sing another spiritual prayerful song ... those are the best ones for the heart! :) Thanks Tina and Gellie...I love you too from Rose's Mom :)

    Victoria says

    This show was awesome! I was saying to my sister on the way to the venue that I was really hoping to hear some old-school songs, so I was really thrilled when Learning to Breathe (one of my favorites from that CD) and especially Chem 6A (yeah, that was me in the third row with the woohoo and the fist pump after Jon played the first couple chords, lol) were played. I was also thrilled to see Jon play "Your Love Is Strong," as it's one of my favorites from the Spring EP.

    I hope the band comes back soon - Switchfoot concerts are good for the soul!

    Jonathan says

    so...the bootlegs...are they coming back? I really miss them because I haven't seen Switchfoot play live since may 2004 and that was my only time at one of their shows...

    DavidH15 says

    Wow that concert was awesome that was my birthday lol

    Mandy says

    that was such a fun concert. we were 5th row infront of tim which was a big suprise considering my mom and i thought we were on the side and up. awesome show though!