kuala lumpur, malaysia.

so we land back in malaysia (we were there for our monster layover a few days ago), except this time we actually get to leave the airport. we were immediately greeted by cameras who are filming a 'day in the life' 30 min special on switchfoot. should be interesting.

we leave the airport and go straight to a bunch of media and another press conference. it took a long, long time. after that we headed back to the hotel, cleaned up, then we went and ate at one of the most ridiculous restaurants i have ever experienced. it seriously felt like we were at disneyland, but it was real. we went down this jungle walkway staircase to this amazing hut by a pool and ate amazing food. needless to say, it was insane.

the next morning, jon, tim, chad, and i headed over to this amusement park called sunway lagoon which has one of the more legit wavepools in the world. it produces perfect 3 or 4 ft waves everytime. the guys were lovin it. especially because the park was closed down and they let us in early. after the wavepool we all went on this ride called g-force. basically they strap you into this ball and then shoot it up into space. it was pretty awesome. the funniest part was when the cameraman for the little tv special went on it and they screamed like girls. it was amazing. (i just watched it on dvd to confirm how funny it was. real funny.)

after that we went and did a little shopping in chinatown, and then it was time for the show. tonight was easily one of the best shows switchfoot has done in a long time. the crowd was seriously insaaane. so loud and so awesome.

this trip was amazing and thanks to everyone who was involved. see you back in the states!


  1. kobesyfq says

    awesome! the best concert ever! .. do come back to kl!!

    Anonymous says

    Yeah, totally awesome! Thanks so much for coming. Even before your Asia Tour, was telling a friend Switchfoot would be the only band I'd pay to see play, and you guys actually came! Gave me a chance to prove my words right, haha! Just a shoutout to the band, thanks so much for playing in Malaysia, you guys have got such a great talent. I hope you guys continue to do what you do (making music) and also continue to keep the reason why you do what you do. God bless guys. Have a good rest before your next US Tour.

    Christon (one of two guys wearing the switchfoot caps towards the front, at Tim's end, hehehe)

    Lindsay G says

    That picture of Jon, Tim and Chad surfing is about the greatest picture ever. I LOVE it!!

    Mark says

    u guys define the word awesomeness.
    it was one amazing concert and you guys were absolutely incredible. hope to see SF stopping by here again:D thanks so much for agreeing to play KL! Cheers!

    Anonymous says


    sounds like my kind of ride.

    joanNa*::.. says

    thank u ever so much for coming to KL
    it was such an honor having u in my hometown :)

    hope to see u guys in concert someday again! and this time meet ya'll(wasn't able this time round coz of transport problems)

    oh i edited a pic of jon on my blog if ur interested :) w quote he ended w during the dare you to move song


    fabian says

    thanks alot for coming, really never expected Switchfoot to come to Malaysia. u guys were great up there and especially nice to stay back for the meet and greet. i could see Jon still shaking hands even with the security shoving everyone. do come back to KL again, we'll be looking forward to it!!! i guess dreams do come true..

    Christine says

    I'd love to see the EXIF info on photo #5! What lens was used for this shot? I like it!

    cloudzs says

    kl misses YOU!!!

    switchkosterice says

    dude. fanflippin entry.

    bob says

    thanks for coming to KL!!
    Chad... thanks for your drumstick!!!!! i was the girl with the sign "CHAD! CAN I HAVE YOUR DRUMSTICK". THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wild and crazy rock concert experience!!!!
    please come back!!!

    raven_lily says

    thx for the podcast andy!
    looking forward to the next one...
    really like the photos...

    Anonymous says

    Who dropped in on who on that wave ? The guys don't seem too angry about it though !!

    Jo says

    Loud and awesome?

    That night was only the tip of the iceberg from us Malaysian fans. Come back again and we'll show you how louad and insane we can really get. ;)

    Thanks for the amazing concert. We all really enjoyed every milisecond of it.

    See ya guys again soon!


    Prakash Daniel says

    these guys rocked out like DA Bomb...and there can never be a better concert than this...they are awesome, and btw there are more pics of them from the meet and greet session in KL...just visit my blog at


    and there are also other pics from that nite of them during the meet and greet..

    take care and god bless Switchfoot...


    brian says

    Thank God for Switchfoot!
    Thank you so much for rockin' KL!
    Continue staying and being true to yourselves. I believe you guys have brought change and hope to many lives in the world!
    Rock onnnn! :)

    suwei says

    awesome...switchfoot...do come back to kl....we had lots of fun...the concert wouldn't be grat without u guys

    spacerobot says

    Switchfoot, you guys were incredible! Even so, incredible sounds like an understatement! Perform again in KL, kay! :)

    8TV says

    hey andy, the tv special is done. we're showing it this saturday at 1130am local time and on sunday we're showing 1 hour of the concert at 1030pm local time. there's a part about you in the tv special. so kl people, don't miss it.

    Zhen Lim says

    I intended to thank Switchfoot for coming to Msia right after the concert, but my net wasn't working & when it was finally up, I was busy.

    But better late than never.

    Thank you guys so much for giving us such an awesome concert! I don't think any other band can beat the bar you guys set! :)

    My friends & I had a blast & can't wait for you guys to come back to KL!

    Oh & my friend Julian asks if you could bring Relient-K along the next time. =P

    For some [amateur] pics,


    Jesse Daniel Shammah says

    dudes, u guys friggin rocked KL convention centre til de four walls of de building were shaking...lawl...
    cant wait for de new album n next year's tour...
    me n my friends r plannin sum good mosh-pitting sessions....

    Anonymous says

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