no, that's not a typo. it really is just singapore. that's how they roll here (it's a city-state, i wikipedia'd it). no messing around. if you spit on the ground here, you can get arrested. for reals.

the day started with press, press, and more press. the cool thing though was that they had this press conference at a high school. i know, random, but they had this promotion thing where schools could enter a contest proving they loved switchfoot, and i guess this school won because they earned a lunchtime concert from jon. a couple local bands opened. it was good times. we then went to lunch where some people ate chickens feet, and some people imitated the photos on the wall. both were entertaining.

it was then back to the venue and soundcheck. romey was excited about it. we started calling him 'kimosabe' because of his sweet new shirt he got from this store called 'revoltage'. they made a pretty rad limited edition shirt for the show too with all these guitar pedals on it. legit.

after soundcheck, the guys did one more press thing for mtv asia where they actually had drew interview the rest of the band. he had the real mtv news mic and everything. i think he'd be a good veejay. i think they still have those...right?

the guys played a killer show tonight. its pretty amazing seeing a ton of people who live halfway across the world singing the same words in a another language. i don't think i'll forget it anytime soon. after the show, jon laid down a demo for a new song. not sure if it has a title yet, but it ruled. like a ruler.


  1. dalton says

    hey guys, i loved the show. thanks for the great singapore sing along time...

    do come back for another show soon.

    where's the podcast, jon?

    donna says

    thanks so much for coming to Singapore! = )

    it was an amazing show! that show made me love my fellow Singaporeans so much. we rock! ha.

    Lim says

    hey yo switchfoot!
    Thanks so much for coming to singapore! You were the first concert i went to ever, and it seriously rocked. Oh and Andy, i wanted to take a pic with you! but you werent around during the autograph session.... its ok, i guess the next time round eh? Be sure to be back! =) Oh and i forgot to add, the guys from switchfoot were really warm and friendly... awesome people =)

    switchfoot Lim

    Sophie says

    Bwahahaha, that's so incredibly uber Andy. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE PODCASTS! Come back to Baltimore... Or Northern Virginia... soon, please! Tell Jono to get a haircut, lol

    Job says

    Dude, new song! Exciting! I love how Tim's holding the computer for Jon... haha.

    And is there gonna be another Appetite podcast? just curious...

    Anonymous says

    so, im really glad drew got rid of his was freakin me out...and he looks much better without it


    Beth says

    missed switchfoot's manila concert so I flew to Singapore to catch them. It was one of the best concerts I've seen...there was so much heart put into the songs and the show...On Fire was a defining moment. It was well worth the trip. Keep the music playing!

    ejay says

    Nice. Good to know you an awesome time out there.
    Haha and Andy, that last sentence made me laugh.You crack me up. Like an egg.

    I tried..

    desiree says

    oh andy i wanted to take a photo with you! i'm the girl with the guitar who was waving to you in the van when you guys were leaving the high school. i was knocking on the glass of the window and mouthing to you "are you andy?". if you remember, that is. but i'm a huge fan of yours, i kept pointing you out to my friends when you were helping the guys test their equipment. and i have a photo of you taken sneakily at the autograph session! hahaha =D

    deb says

    the meet n greet b4 the show was awesome! i was the girl in the what is das? t shirt. just ask drew and tim they'll rmbr hehe.

    oh and when jon speaks its like poetry. random i noe. but true.

    chicken feet says

    i don't remember us singing in another language...haha...uh..
    i dare you to

    Anonymous says

    Wikipedia'd it. Haha. Nice one. Word of The Day.