raglan, new zealand.

i thought it wouldn't get much better than bali. i was wrong.

the legend of willis chin lived up to his title by introducing us to some friends of his who coincidentally had a place for all of us to stay in raglan. his friends turned out to be this amazing family who not only hosted us, but became great friends by the end of our stay. (shout out to jules, amanda, ella, and kobi). be on the lookout for some cute kids with a new zealand accent to be in the podcast soon.

our days in ragland consisted of surfing (of course the cameras weren't at the 'epic' session), hot tubbing (hands down best hot tub spot ever), star-gazing (because you can actually see them here), adventuring over cliffs to some big cliff jumping (60 ft!), seeing a big cliff where new zealanders sometimes dispose of their cars (no, for reals), hiking down to a waterfall (and then hiking up, which it turns out is not as cool as hiking down), driving on the left side of the road (which is scarier then it seems, especially on unpaved windy backroads), and of course, eating more amazing food (some of which ironically were kiwi fruits).

the consensus was that these were easily some of the best days off all of us in the switchfoot camp have ever had. back to asia!


  1. gravyty says

    That picture of the sky is incredibly, fantastically, amazingly beautiful. Can I put it on myspace if I give you credit, Andy?

    Emily Makar says

    wowow looks incredible. love these photos today andy!!

    rose says

    woow, andy. that picture of the night sky is really phenominal.

    Anonymous says

    Hey Andy, thanks for the kind words & the great photos. Just wanted to say it was unreal having all you guys here in Raglan and we already miss having you around. Looking forward to hanging out again some time soon.
    Your Friends: Jules,Amanda,Ella,Kobi

    P.S. My butt still hurts from hitting the water when we jumped that cliff !!

    Job says

    The scenery there is just unreal... and way to go capturing that Andy! I wanna live in New Zealand...

    Jonathan says

    wow, how did you get that picture of the sky at night? And, is that a meteor or something? Everytime I take pictures at night they're just blurry...but then again you probably have some special equipment and knowhow ;-)

    hope you don't mind but i just got a new desktop background

    Christine says

    Wow... those pictures are amazing. I totally need to go see New Zealand one day.

    DeeTheBuilder says

    Oh my gosh!! we couldn't even get in to the white elephant stage!!!!!
    but saturday night was amazing!!! I didn't get killed in the mosh pit which was a plus, but i was down the back singing along to all the songs i knew... it was a once in a life time experince and i hope i can see yuns again in the next few years!! And today at church 3 of us youth were wearing switchfoot shirts.. was pretty ironic..

    Anonymous says

    Hey, i'm in rags for a while and would love to know where these 60ft cliffs are ? biggest safe jumps i've found are opposite the wharf on the far side but are only 40ft ish. As for rest of your notes, totally agree, raglan rocks !!