bali, indonesia.

so pretty much bali is ridiculous.

we get to the airport and are greeted by some guys who work with macbeth shoes and are graciously letting us stay at their amazing villa right by uluwatu. the guys were saying that this place is kind of a big deal, and then we walked down there and i quickly saw why. the paddle out to the water goes through this epic goonies-ish cave. we of the non-surfing variety watched from above at this amazing overlook complete with a little cafe. it seriously was stupid. places like this don't exist for real. that's how amazing it was.

the next night, after some swimming and shopping in town, we came back and jon, tim, and chad went with one of our hosts named muklis to the west side of the island where there as going to be some more surfing. their excursion involved snakes, giant peeing pigs, more homemade indonesian food than you could shake a stick at, and some epic surf. when they came back from their little trip within a trip, i have never seen them giddier, it was like hearing kid talks about christmas morning, they were just so excited about it. that night we headed back into town and had some dinner and jon played an impromptu set at the hard rock cafe there in kuta. it was good times.

the next day involved more surfing and more awesome food and shopping. jon, tim, and chad were the last 3 out in the water with probably one of the most gorgeous sunsets i've ever seen as their backdrop. they paddled in and said there were bats flying all over in the goonies cave. tim said it was probably his favorite surfing memory ever. a bold claim, but i believe it.

thanks to everyone in bali for being so gracious and amazing. i'm sure we'll be back.


  1. Susieq3c says

    Gorgeous images, great recap. I'm happy knowing what a great experience Bali has been for you all! God Bless!

    Anonymous says

    amazing pictures, It does look pretty amazing. I can only imagine what it looks like out of pictures that have edges...
    Great, now Im bitter and extremely jealous. way to go andy.

    Emily Makar says


    Luke says

    its been too long since Mr. Barron's images have graced our eyes. we are not worthy!

    Anonymous says

    Andy, great story, great pics. Can't wait to see the concert pics and story!!! . . .Dad

    Sophie says

    Bwahaha, that is AWESOME.
    Macbeth people, Switchfoot, caves reminiscent of the Goonies... Podcast footage, I hope? That's awesome, great photos.

    othy says

    its nice to know that all of u guys have agreat experience there..and its great to know that u'll come back oneday!lol.. its a pleasure to welcoming u guys here..anytime! x)

    Kenneth says
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    A09Z says

    Wow! Sweet shots Andy, seriously, it must have been really nice out there.

    Jim Sanchez says

    Sweet pictures!
    Can't wait for the new one!!!

    Emily Makar says

    you must feel like you're just living a dream sometimes, andy. at least i hope it's all good with these tours.

    Wilson says

    hey's thats on my birthday......