everett, washington.

interesting note, today had the 2nd highest amount of rainfall in a day in the history of the state of washington. jon accurately said, "you know when people from seattle are talking about how much it's raining, that's a lot of rain."

well, as they should, more end-of-tour pranks happened tonight. ruth got the ol' classic of putting baby powder on the drums so that when hit, a big cloud of hilariousness pops up. good times. later on in the night, the rk and ruth guys tried to come out and pause during the american dream pause, but the switchfoot guys being the wise and crafty ones that they are, they skipped the pause and made everyone just look funny paused up on stage. it was amazing. but, then they decided to go back and re-do the pause so that everyone could have their fun. it was great. brett from ruth walked around during the pause and repositioned people in funny ways. it ruled. and just when you thought the on stage antics were done, 'rebuild' brought tons of people up on stage, including rk's lighting guy will dressed up as a building and our merch man jeremy doing the most ridiculous dance with hammers i have ever seen. it was so good.

a big shout to everyone on tour who made this one of the best ever. jon, tim, chad, jerome, drew, ryan, taylor, beaty, miggs, philip, jenn, aaron, matt, matt, jon, jon, dave, scott, will, josh, ethan, derek, jeremy, travis, dustin, brett, nick, ryan, ryan, marty, don, and bob. awesome.


  1. Anna says

    what an amazing tour it was, indeed. I feel so blessed to have gotten to go to 3 shows! Thank you for such an amazing experience..wow.

    Can't wait til the next tour. But until then, enjoy your break with your family and friends Switchfoot + Crew. God bless!

    Nikki R. says

    Thank you so much, guys, for such an incredible experience. The Everett concert was absolutely fantastic, and it was great to be a part of the last show on your first tour as an independent band! Good luck with all of your future endeavors, God bless, and have a happy Christmas!

    Emily says

    HAHA this daily foot made my DAY...or week more like.
    will kent...i'm gonna have to call that fool. hilarious. thanks for the great foot update, andy b!

    emily makar

    Emily says

    and i have a feeling i'll be on youtube tomorrow and the weekend looking for videos of all this

    katie says

    Yeah.. that was definitely quite the show!!

    Thanks so much for yet an other awesome set of daily foots!
    It means so much to be able to keep up with the tour from home.
    ONE day I'll be able to go to more than one show per tour... :)
    Have a great Holiday, Andy!!


    OH Interstate 77 says

    Man, it sounds like you're having such an awesome time! It makes me want so much more in my life. (Friends, Music, Laughter, etc...) I wish you all the absolute best for your post tour endevers.

    I think there were maybe 2 girls in that list of people. You guys are like an awesome group of boyscouts... (boyscouts with rock music and a disregard for dorky uniforms)

    OH Interstate 77 says

    P.S. Quick question. How does one become part of a tour crew? I've done a lot of theater set-up and strike with my acting and backstage crew work. I've been interested in doing tour crews when I'm not acting. I don't like to be idol, I like to use my hands, and I love being around people.

    Any info would be awesome!

    angel_r2 says

    Mr. Andy Barron,

    I just got the SF holiday package and as I was looking at the DVD, I was thrilled to see the picture of you with the bears amongst the mural of photos.

    With everything that you are doing to caputre all these wonderful moments in the lives of the band members, I'm so happy to know that you are also taking the time to caputre the memories of this exciting time in your own life.

    May your art take you places never dreamed of. :)