salem, oregon.

the day started out early for some of the guys with a visit to a local radio station to talk about the show. this sort of thing happens all the time, but today is different, because directly afterwards we are all going to probably one of the best restaurants ever, mother's. it's in downtown portland and it seriously will melt your face with food. it's that good. oh, and all the coffee mugs there say 'call your mother.' i like that.

back at the venue, its promising to be the 2nd biggest crowd of the tour (after houston). also, jon had a fight with this metal roll door. and unfortunately, the door won. here's a direct quote from jerome: "people are fainting. jon busted his head open. it's gonna be a good show."

well, jerome was right. the 5000+ people in there tonight were way excited and proved to be one of the loudest crowds on this tour. i think tonight also wins for the farthest jon has ventured from stage. he seriously was way the heck out there. it was hard to keep up with him.

well, one more show. see you in everett!


  1. Wilson says

    I played with Relient K at that show. I stole John's bass, cuz some jerk took Matt's guitar. I laterran into Andy and told him thanks for all the awesome photos and blogs on this site. Thanx Andy for all that you do!

    Anonymous says

    Wow. What a concert. I had such an amazing time with me and my friends. It was pretty crazy down there on the floor (what were people doing?). We moved further back in the crowd before Switchfoot came on and we actually got to move around and had a way better time. I can say this show was about 10,000 times better than when I saw them in February in Eugene. As for the group, I hope you guys keep doing what you're doing. People really do love it and I think its awesome that you guys supported Habitat For Humanity (a great cause). Hopefully you'll be able to do it again. Thanks for a great night.

    Susieq3c says

    The camera is loving Drew these days...
    Love that shot of Tim. Oh Andy, to be in your shoes for a day. What a blast that would be!

    Pink says

    Andy, that picture of Jon in the crowd is absolutally incredible! well done!