medford, oregon.

today, we're seriously in a barn. like, there's horses next door. but it's cool. i have a good feeling about today. my toes though have no feeling whatsoever. it seriously is freeeezing in here. the people need to come and warm this place up!

the show tonight was a little crazy. the people seriously were freaking out, especially when jon ran out into the crowd. it was seriously a little chaotic, but hey, that's always fun every once and awhile. oh, and i think beaty wore a mask for a guitar change. it definitely had us laughing.

after the show there was yet another dance party, with dj drew at the wheels. he's quite the mixmaster. a few of his key jams were rihanna's 'umbrella' and junior senior's 'move your feet'. awesome.


  1. RebekahD says

    I was at that concert and ya that is totally a barn!!!!
    It was insane!!!!
    The crowd was wild and i got stuck in 1 mosh pit (those were wild too!)
    Everyone was pushing toward the front and the people in the front pushed back. i got knocked down twice, lost a contact, got two big, ugly, black, bruises on my knee, almost touched jon's hand (my friend touched his hair), my same friend got knocked down and almost trampled to death, i lost my brother and his friend, was four people away from the stage, got some freakin' awesome video, got sweated on by this one super tall guy 9i'm not even kidding he must have been almost seven feet) on my back the whole time,got a awesome shirt, got splattered with sweat from a guys hair, and had the most bestest time ever. Wow that was a long sentence and probably not done correctly but who cares. It was sooooooo worth it. I can't wait until switchfoot comes back again. p.s. it was freezing cold. we were having a purty crazy cold spell for a while but as usual there was no snow.

    Libby says

    Your photos are amazing, Andy. I can't wait to see what you capture on this next tour. But seriously, lay off the "seriously."

    Have fun!