davis, california.

out on the lawn before the show tonight, a bocce ball tournament took place. there were four teams, relient k, switchfoot, ruth, and the crew. all teams did well, but relient k came out victorious. it was their bocce set, so i think they might have more practice than everyone else, but hey, they won fair and square.

jon also has been working on the artwork for all his solo stuff. i caught him writing some lyrics and whatnot today. good times. get yo art on.

now, to bring up a sad but true point, this tour is coming to a close, so this is when the end-of-tour pranks begin rearing their ugly, yet hilarious heads. being the classy people that they are, the tour crew decided to not only do a prank that is totally awesome, but enhances the show. relient k has a part in their set where they do a christmas song and have a big inflatable christmas scene on stage, so our lighting guy taylor had the genius idea to repel in from the ceiling as santa. it seriously was amazing.

after all the christmas craziness, switchfoot went on and had quite the spirited show. i think the fun of santa repelling during relient k's set spilled over into switchfoot's, and it led to yet another great night.

i don't know how it started, but after the show, a carrot fight erupted. chad and i started throwing carrots at each other and then everyone joined in. it was messy, it was orange, and it was awesome.


  1. Anonymous says

    "Hi Andy!"
    haha that was me, im the girl with the sign, thanks for waving back...it made my day!
    hey i didn't know that the Santa wasn't in the show...that was amazng!
    that concert was truely amamzing...
    haha i wish i would have seen the carrot fight, that would have been holarious.
    thanks for the cool pictures..they are awesome!

    Steven Ormsbee says

    Did Jon play any acoustic songs after the show? I thought about waiting, but it was pretty late and pretty cold out there... wish I could have witnessed the bocce ball action..sounds like fun!

    -Steve O

    Kaydee says

    I was at the Davis show! Santa from the cieling was awesome! Everyone thought it was part of the show. I'm so glad you guys came up to Northern California, most bands don't make it up here often. You guys were great! Keep it up!

    Melanie says

    Steven, I waited, and Jon didn't play an acoustic set unless he did it at the meet/greet and didn't tell anyone outside, but I don't think so. Jon, Tim and Drew did come out and greet people, sign autographs, etc. It was a bit of a wait and very cold.

    Santa was amazing. Both of them. ;)

    BTW, I saw the game. Thanks to you all for letting me tag along and watch the tournament. Hoopes and Warne are really good - they have to be hard to beat.

    The show was amazing. I keep listening to the bootlegs and smiling lots. :)

    Anonymous says

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    Anonymous says

    Hey I know that this is pretty late but, you guys relient k and ruth were awsome. The santa was pretty cool and I had a great time.

    Anyway I know that you just released a new album and everything but I was wondering when you guys are going to release an album with new songs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me back at paraNOIAisntcool1@gmail.com

    Yes that is my real email address