san jose, california.

nerds, prepare yourself.

today, some of us had the chance to go to the apple headquarters. unfortunately there wasn't a bin of iphones you could just reach in and pull one out like i was picturing, but it was cool to go check out the small part we got to see. oh, and cameras weren't really allowed there. sorry.

back at the venue, there were definitely visions of sugarplums dancing in everyone's head because there was a christmas carnival going on directly across the street from where the open windows of switchfoot's dressing room and the production office were, and the christmas carols were kind of making everyone go crazy.

the show tonight was another great one. if you've noticed a trend here in daily foot's that are put up here, switchfoot pretty much puts on an awesome show every night, and tonight was no exception. jon tried out a new (and when i say new, i mean old, but new to him) acoustic, which looked and sounded amazing.


  1. Lori says

    The picture of Drew and Jon-for some reason it just cracks me up. Drew's expression is just too funny. :)

    d-vizz says

    Awesome show! Thanks for playing on my birthday :)
    If you guys are ever in town again, let me know, I'll get you guys into the Apple Headquarters for a quick tour and lunch at Café Macs.

    Melanie says

    I have to agree about the amazing shows that Switchfoot puts on. San Jose was great! I had a wonderful time! And thanks to the guys for coming out and meeting people even though they really didn't have it planned.

    Luthien says

    Andy, thank you so, so much for putting this up. It means a lot to me since it was my first SF concert and all. ^_^ Thank you very much, I appreciate it big time!

    Queenie says

    Indeed this was an awesome show. Everyone was great, The Ruthless, The Reliants and of course the foots. Si, Christmast in the park can be very tempting, haha!