jakarta, indonesia.

we left bali and headed north to jakarta where not only were we greeted by a van with switchfoot logos covering the entire thing, we even had a police escort from the airport to our hotel. it was pretty amazing. the cops definitely knew how to handle a motorcycle because they were weaving in and out of traffic and there were a few times where we all in the bus yelled out 'ohhhh' thinking we were gonna hit a car. our driver just laughed (the first photo is of him, prepping for the near misses).

we got to the hotel and then promptly went out for some typical indonesian food. let me tell you; indonesians know how to eat. pretty much everything we ate at this restaurant was insane. our table was just packed with anything you can think of. it was amazing. everyone then went back to the hotel and we just crashed.

the next day we all pretty much hung out at the venue and got stuff set up for the show. we ate more amazing food, and then it was showtime.

(show show show)

really great show tonight. the crowd was pumped and amped. (pamped).

after the show, we ate more and more food. i'm pretty sure we've eaten more food on this trip then any other switchfoot-related outing ever. it's been awesome.

back to the hotel, and more sleeping. off to new zealand!


  1. Lindsay G says

    thanks for the update Andy. Hope you guys have ablast down under!

    Amanda. says

    Hey Andy! :) Thanks for the update!

    I'm glad you all had an awesome time in Jakarta & enjoyed all that good food!

    Well, I hope you and the guys have a great time in New Zealand!

    Take care,


    Anonymous says

    since we believe that everything are pretty much suitable to ate so yes,we definitely knew how to eat lol

    and thanks for Andy to update the daily foot..it's so nice to see indonesia people showed up on the daily foot,nice pic anyway...

    and we r looking forward to see you guys again here in Indonesia!

    hv a nice tour 8D

    trashformer says

    hey you should travel further north... back to the PHILIPPINES! cmon! cmon!

    Linds Lohan says

    Hey guys, Saw you at the Parachuting festival in Auckland NZ. You were unbelievable!!!! So much better than what i ever imagined you could be! You surpassed all thoughts and ideas of how it would be! Rock on...Live Life Loud for God... LL

    Jonathan says

    thanks andy! I was wondering what the set list was. do you remember?

    Nic says

    thanks so much for coming down to singapore and putting on such a great show. means a lot to us long time fans... too bad the publicity wasn't very good this time. but hopefully u guys will come back again =)

    Anonymous says

    Oh My Golly. Jon's hair is so long. I loved the interview they did in New Zealand. That was rad.
    Thanks for the pictures. They were WONDERFUL!

    Anonymous says

    seriously .. you guys gotta come back to jakarta!