baltimore, maryland.

today kinda felt like the last day of school before christmas vacation. you know you're going to see everyone soon, but you still feel inclined to give a bit longer of a hug.

i think after a day in new york and one of the best shows of the tour, some thought today was going to be a bit anti-climactic, but i thought it was one of the best performances of the tour.

see y'all in a week or so. happy turkey day!


  1. Sophie says

    It really was a great show, especially Jon's after show in the rain!!
    It was my 5th Switchfoot show, and by far the best concert that I've ever attended. I love the picture of Jon, totally uber. Come back soon!

    Anonymous says

    that was a really rad picture of jon taking that picture!
    (p.s......Davis would be a cool DF ;))

    kate says

    aw, i wish you would've posted more pictures or something! that was by far the best switchfoot show i've been to thus far. there were so many highlights, i thought. the energy was insane and it just topped every other show. the boys need to come back asap!

    Hanns says

    Thanks Andy! that was the best show ever! it was insane about how many people there were at the venue . The pics rock ! keep up the cool and awsome work !

    Garrett says

    I was at this show. I must say all three bands were amazing beyond all belief. I was only about 10 feet away from Jon when he went into the crowd and stood on the wall. What an amazing show. I hope you all come back soon.

    Nathaniel Scott says

    I loved this show. It was my second time seeing Switchfoot. The first time was an outdoor show in Ashburn (my backyard). We stood out in a storm for a couple hours waiting and we could barely see them when it started. This time, no wait, no storm, and we were in the 4th row back. Awesome! The performance was excellent. The guys were so tight. I loved it when they froze for 3 minutes in the middle of a song.

    Sophie says

    Really? The Ashburn show was my 3rd SF show.

    And P.S. SF- I was the one with the coffee shop sign hehe...

    Lily says

    That was an AMAZING concert. It was my third SF show and the first for my sister. The energy was insane and you guys were awesome. Every time I listen to your music I think back to that concert..come back soon

    Tiffany says

    This was an awesome show! I loved when Jon came in the crowd because he held my hand...LOVED it. Love the pics you took too.

    Anonymous says

    Ahh, it was such an awesome show!! It was my 4th Switchfoot show! The one before was at Creation NE '07--at that one, when Jon came out, I was right at the railing (lol the security guards were pulling his pants down) and was holding his leg so he wouldn't fall :) haha but the one in Baltimore was AMAZING..even though I was up higher, I loved it.