irvine, california.

back from the east coast. somehow the seasons have disappeared and there's an in-n-out within walking distance on the venue. ahh yes, this is the southern california i remember.

these hometown (well, in this case, hometown-ish) shows tend to be a little crazy, but always good. the guys all got here in the afternoon and all began the immense process of signing christmas cards. now, if you watch the podcast, you'll remember that last year we had a bit of issue with the christmas cards. we're all crossing our fingers this year.

easily one of the best shows from the tour. the time off and the turkey must have done the boys some good, because tonight ruled. keith was back rockin some cello and helped make only hope one of my favorite moments from tonight. awesome.


  1. Jessica says

    This was my first concert ever!! and i LOVED it!!! I was so excited to see them play live! there's no pictures. :( i got some pictures but there not very good! but that was a great moment to see them live. and happy belated thanksgiving

    Jessica says

    well when i first saw it there were no pictures.

    claire says

    ahh. irvine was ahhmazing. i see myself! andyyyyy the fourth picture isnt loadingggg. hehe

    natasha says

    SUCH a great concert.

    Andy, the 4th pic's link is broken. Help? ;)

    And, if you have any pics of the crowd (preferably front row center, ahem..) please put them up. :D Thanks!

    So Cal girl says

    Thanks for covering this concert. like I said before, I went to see them 3 times this year and this was the first time I saw it covered.

    I love Switchfoot and Relient K together, since they both have such great, informal interaction with the audience. Ruth did a really good job for just being together 2 years (did I hear that right?), and, like I also said before, I enjoyed them the most out of all the opening bands I saw this year. They have much better stage presence, audience interaction, lyrics, and music. I was very impressed.

    I loved the snow, but I gotta say all the hugging and handshakes during Rebuild was making me laugh because it was cheesy. You probably don't really care what I think, but I had to say that. Also, I really did love the cello, it was very moving. Is it usual for, like 20 people to be trying to crowd surf which Switchfoot is on? Did you notice that? I keep on seeing people go up for like 30 seconds, then drop. Once 3 people were up at a time!!

    Thank you Andy, for making every blog entry a little different and special, I don't know how you could do that for so many concerts when they, basically, are all the same thing. You don't have an easy job, so thanks for trying and doing a good job. Also, the podcasts, I am sure, are not easy work, but you do a very good job at showing a very fun side of the band. It's real cool.

    -one of Switchfoot's not really hardcore, but more casual-ish fan

    no one of any real consequence that you should know about. says

    you need to attach the christmas cards in postit forms all over yourselves, therefore never losing one. hope they all stay in one peice an there will be no more garbage digging. =]

    no one of any real consequence that you should know about. says

    you need to attach the christmas cards in postit forms all over yourselves, therefore never losing one. hope they all stay in one peice an there will be no more garbage digging. =]

    Sujean says

    ahh..irvine was was my first concert ever..n it was soooooooo awesome.not even kidding me

    haha.n the in-n-out in awesome too

    Anonymous says

    i wish i knew what you looked like so i could see *sigh*
    those are some awesome pictures, Andy. in-n-out is probly one of my favorite things...we had in-n-out before the Davis concert too...radness!
    can't wait to see the Christmas cards, and i'll be praying that nothing happeneds to them, even though the last ones were so specail since yall put 'litteral blood, litteral sweat, and litteral tear!' ;P

    Hobbes says

    Hey Andy the fourth pic isn't working for any of us you need to fix it so we can see it.

    I wish I could have been at the concert, I missed the one in Texas o well, maybe next time.

    bRiTtAnY=) says

    hey switchfoot!!! DUde I love you guys SOOOO MUCH!!! this is my second concert seeing you guys, and the first one was in august at the del mar fairgrounds. and if you remember i was the one with my sign upside down most of the time. haha durr. some lady had to tell me to put it back. oh well loved the irvine concert! on fire made me cry. :.(

    Luthien says

    Hi! ^_^ I'm going to assume that Andy reads these comments... I saw you at San Jose popping up pretty much everywhere! *laughs* Backstage, testing a bright red guitar, rushing past the front row to snap a picture of Jon, ducking to pick up a water bottle, you really get around! It was great to see you in person finally. Yes, you were being watched...

    Will the San Jose photos be posted? My family would love to see them as would I! I've never been to a rock concert before then and it was, need I say it, Fantastic!

    Golden528 says

    Hey, We made the Daily Foot!! We were in the front row just right of Romey. Nice pictures Andy. It was an awesome show!! Thanks for all you do!

    Carli says

    hey guys, whats going on. so i went to the concert in davis california, and it was really awesome. last october i saw switchfoot in sacramento, and then the year before that i saw you guys in albequrque, new mexico. but i think the davis show was my favorite. i really loved seeing relient k with you, that just made the concert way more fun because i have loved their music for a long time too well keep comming out to northern california and i guarantee that i will see you there! bye

    Anonymous says

    @luthien: haha, i laughed when i read that..Andy is cool in person.
    jon in that light(last pic) looks so magical! lol, i think those are my favorite lights.
    i hope Davis makes the DF..*sigh*
    and hopfully my sign i made(for Andy)

    Job says

    so much fun!

    Alberto says

    I still think about this concert. It was great. Only Hope was quite memorable. I'm looking forward to this year's 3 Socal shows.
    I shall be seeing you all in June and September.