new york, new york.

ahh. new york is probably one of the coolest places ever. i'm just gonna say it. many things confirm this fact. some of them are mentioned in this daily foot.

so we all woke up, and tim and i are outside of the bus pulling clothes out of our bags, and this guy who had a bird feather sticking out of his hat is cawing all the way down the street. right when he gets up to tim, he caws very loudly right in tim's ear. it was pretty amazing.

after getting ready everyone kind of split off for the beginning part of the day. some went downtown to this outlet store, some down to bleecker street, and i headed out to brooklyn to a record store.

everyone converged back around 2 or 3 for soundcheck where they guys went over a couple of songs with keith the cello man who happened to be in town. this room is insane by the way. so gorgeous.

the guys then had a couple interviews, one of them being with msnbc. their morning show is doing a bit on the band and the tour and how they're going independent and how all that works. the guy who interviewed them was pretty cool. he was in congress at one point and was wearing converse and likes radiohead. i'd vote for that guy.

now here's where it gets crazy. next door at madison square garden, none other than stevie wonder was playing. ya, stevie wonder. somehow, jon, tim, and chad worked their switchfootian magic and got to go stand sidestage for 5 or 6 songs. chad was flipping out.

between stevie, the good interviews, and just the general electricity new york has, tonight was probably the best show of the tour so far. the guys were just on it, and the crowd was insanely loud and energetic. the line for the show wrapped like halfway around the entire block. it was nuts.

afterwards, jon did an impromptu street performance to end out the night for those fans who waited around long enough. such an amazing day.


  1. Christine says

    Hey Andy! Nice blog but why didn't you mention the awesome shopal that me and my mom brought for yall? was an awesome show and that sticker of you is cool. peace, chrissy-nj fan

    Lori says

    I remember reading where Chad said Stevie Wonder's music was a big part of his growing up. Glad he got to see him! I think as happy as he was to see and hear Stevie Wonder, that's exactly what many of us feel when we see Switchfoot.

    Thanks Andy for the great job on the daily foot.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving break guys!!

    brandon says

    where i come from we call what the feather guy did crazy, not amazing.

    and im from new york

    Mimi says

    incredible concert!!! thank you!!

    Juliette Smiles Too Much says

    haha, i'm from new york, too bad i didn't get to see this but, yeah, the last time i saw jon backstage. i giggled. yup. good times.


    Carolyn says

    Yeah.....that was truly an amazing concert. The best birthday present I'v ever gotten. Idk where you were, or if you heard me you know when Jon stopped the show for a moment of silence, and picture taking? Well Jon was like wheres Andy? And I was like "YEAH ANDY BARRON" cuz you rock lol.......and if I'm not mistaken the line actually rapped around like 3 or more blocks.......I wonder if I'll see myself on the next podcast waiting in line....

    Emily says

    Oh my goodness that concert was amazing! It was a birthday present for me too! It was so cool, at the end my friend and I got on the rail and was holding up her band picture of you guys and we were pointed to! that was the most amazing experience of my life, and naturally i was going insane!

    Alexa says

    omg this show was AMAZING! haha weird it was my birthday present too! switchfoot rocked, as well as relient k and ruth. I was in the 2nd row and i touched jon :) lol. my little sister had a big poster with a bunch of switchfoot pictures lol

    For the Love of Switchfoot! says

    hey andy
    when are you gonna update the DF and/or make a podcast?? both would be awesome, lol... you must have the coolest job on the planet or whatever. you're seriously a great photographer and the podcasts are hilarious. but anywho it's been awhile since there's been a DF and even LONGER since there's been a podcast about a particular tour.
    so yeah... i'm waiting and i'm sure many other fans are too!!
    p.s. when you make the podcast can you stick some stuff in there from when Switchfoot played in Shippensburg?

    Anonymous says

    Andy Andy Andy, when are we gonna get the daily foot from the baltimore concert? I'm dying to see some of the shots from it.

    take it easy

    just ski dar n it

    tom the elf

    So Cal girl says

    I've been to 3 Switchfoot concerts this year, and none of them made it to the daily foot or Podcast. I'm feeling deprived! I went to the House of Blues in Feb, the Rock the Boat/Habitat for Humanity one, and the UCI one from earlier this week, and I didn't get to go back and revisit the memories of any of them because I'm one of the very few who actually don't take pics or video :( .

    Oh well, at least they were all very entertaining. I also gotta say that Ruth is by far the best opening band of all the shows so far. Their music is really upbeat, and they have very entertaining stage presence.

    ilovemunchkin says

    i knew i should have stayed longer...
    w/e it was still beyond amazing.
    brooklyn is awesome isn't it?
    thank you for being so great at making music.

    ilovemunchkin says


    Juan Carlos says

    The Street performance was great, Jon sang "Twenty-four" with us Thanks for playing Jon! The guys are great sports...they stayed talking with us even after it began drizzling that cold evening. You guys are the best!