bethlehem, pennsylvania.

jon went for a walk today and reported back to everyone inside that it was a beautiful fall day outside, and i ran outside and confirmed that fact. leaves changing, sunset, rolling hills. insane. there were even snow flurries. flurries!

after the show, drew got a plate of brownies and a little note of encouragement. he was excited about it. (see photo. he has a right to be excited.)


  1. Anonymous says

    Andy left out the paragraph about the I'll improvise. The energy tonight was over the top!! A lot of crazy fans. Mad for Switchfoot. And the guys were on!! Great show. And, for the first time, Andy Barron played along during Rebuild...nice to see you out there Andy!

    gravyty says

    Plus, Chad played that totally awesome electric drum thing at the beginning of This Is Your Life. Rad.

    rose says

    i know the roomie of the girl who made the brownies hahahaha.

    gellie says

    i ate one of those brownies on the way to the show. don't tell the guys. sf shouldn't have trusted me with them in the first place.

    Anonymous says

    This show was amazing.. loved every moment of it.. can't wait to see SF at Rutgers!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!