ypsilanti, meowchigan.

relient k has guitar hero 3 on their bus. it's real good times. john warne is quit the formidable opponent.

awesome show tonight. i feel like i've said this before, but i love it when drew grabs chad's cymbals during 'gone'. drew won tonight because i think out of 5 attempts, he got 4 grabs succesfully. go drew.

another thing i love is that when we have a day off coming up is that jon will just kind of sing his heart out because he knows he has a day to recover. super fun. the guys had a bet or something tonight to see how many times each band could say 'meow' from stage. i lost track, but it was good times.


  1. died-to-live says

    yah guitar hero! rock on you guys. :)

    lydz..... says

    man, i love guitar hero, and the les pauls are awsome!

    lydz..... says

    ma, i haven't commented in a LOOOONNNNNNGGGG time...tehe

    Anonymous says

    Love the first photo! awesome.

    Carolyn says


    Anonymous says

    I was at this show!! it was seriously THE best show i've ever been to. yess the meow was.. special

    Anonymous says

    That was funny! i was wondering why they wanted us to say meow!

    Syd, person, peaple says

    You gues should be good at guitar hero since some of you play the guitar.OOO... the picter chances.I like that.It's cool-lo!!!!