cincinnati, ohio.

today starts the final stretch of this major chunk of the tour. the crowds and the shows have been pretty amazing, and tonight was no exception. there were people dancing in the aisles, surfing on the crowd, and just generally flipping out.

after the show tonight, dave from relient k and brett from ruth boxed. it was scrappy and awesome. drew made an awesome 'ring girl'. you know, the person who walks around holding up the round numbers for the fight. let's just say, for his benefit, i didn't photograph it, but the mental image of that i think will live on forever.

ps, the last photo in todays daily foot is of our lighting guy taylor. he's got a sweet fro and is great at what he does. awesome.


  1. Anonymous says

    How can you not photograph such a thing? Stuff like that is grade A podcast material!
    Sweet pics anyhow.

    Anonymous says

    drew being a ring girl? haha that's classic. would have been great to see a photo of it.
    oh and that guy's fro is cool (:


    Lori says

    I think at some point, all the lighting,sound, and stage crew needs to have a group picture. You guys all do a great job. Guy Taylor - nice job on lights this tour!!

    Anonymous says

    This show was amazing i hope to finally meet u guys one day ur hilarious on ur podcast and your music is amazing!
    Keep rocking out cant wait to see u in concert again!

    Anonymous says

    Amazing concert. My wife and I traveled from Indianapolis to see SF, and they did not disappoint. Also after the concert we got to meet Jon and he is one of the nicest people I have met. It was a great night.