moline, illinois.

so, today was a pretty great day on tour. directly after the show, the guys walked off stage and watched the chargers narrowly beat the colts. jerome was very excited, as you can tell.

then after that, there was a bunch of us just hanging out in the hallway, and for whatever reason, we thought it would be funny to try and take pictures of each other like you're frozen on the wall. we were right. it was awesome.

after the show and meeting and greeting, we wandered around the lobby and found a sweet setup for shooting some sweet switchfoot christmas cards. they came out pretty ridiculous. can't wait for you guys to see em.


  1. rachel says

    hehe ninja tim. :)

    ktlouuu says

    the crowd pictures are always a favorite =)

    joyful1 says

    looks like Jerome's bent finger is all better =D

    emily says

    the show was awesome! i loved "rebuild" and it was really cool when jon came out into the crowd during "on fire", i was right there! thanks guys for all you do for an amazing show! can't wait to see you again hopefully at cornerstone!

    switchkosterice says

    hey, try and keep the cards within eyesight at all times this year.

    just a suggestion!