green bay, wisconsin.

wisconsin in november is cold. real cold. so of course, the first thought through everyone's head is 'let's go swimming!' it was actually nice and warm in the room where the pool was, and the guys who went swimming had a ton of fun. there were cannonballs, jack knifes, swan dives, and gainers galore.

after swimming, jon did some recording in the dressing room. it was coming through all the vents in the backstage area, so every room had a faint foreman belting it out in the background. good times.

time for the show. it was super good. trying to keep the fun from swimming alive, chad wore goggles for the first song. jon did some climbing tonight, which is always fun. he made it higher on the tower than i thought he would too.


  1. Tonya from New London, WI says

    you guys totally rocked in Green Bay!! My friend is actually the one Jon held onto while climbing, so thats wicked sweet. Thanks again for the amazing show!

    switchkosterice says

    oh wow. that was a great show! probably tied with the show at Metro in chicago last year!

    i was wondering if they were goggles or sunglasses...

    totally worth the 8 hours spent driving this weekend!

    Nicole says

    That was an incredible show! Too bad Jon kept going to the right side of the stage, we were right in front on the left side. Once again, Great Show!!!

    Job says

    Nice. what was Jon recording? haha

    Emily Makar says

    good ole' swimming :)

    nice photo of jon, andy! i love that.

    Anonymous says

    Its not THAT cold here! :)

    Anonymous says're lucky you weren't here in January!

    I was so excited when I heard you guys would be coming to GB, Thank you so much, it was an awesome concert!!!

    Anonymous says

    Man, that has to be the BEST Swichfoot concert I've been to! (amongst a grand total of eight!!!)
    PLEASE come back again, everyone I know that went had an AWESOME time as well!

    ps; it's actually unusually warm for Green Bay in November!

    alicia says

    wow - I'm in that picture where Jon is climbing!

    Lauren says

    Thank you thank you thank you for coming to Green Bay.... It was an AMAZING show. I am currently trying to buy tickets to the next show in WI in April, but they're not on sale yet... I'll keep trying!

    God Bless and keep coming back!!