springfield, illinois.

come on feel the illinoize!

this is chad butler, guest reporting for the daily foot, here on location in springfield, il. more than halfway through the season and the synchronization of all the moving parts is impressive. trucks, buses, guitars, drums... all well-oiled and humming along nicely. it's a pleasure to look around this traveling circus and see the camaraderie among the bands and our team on the road, lots of laughs.

show #19 of the appetite for construction tour felt like this team is in full swing towards the playoffs. the highlight reel would look something like this: jon foreman successfully vaulted the barricade for a major yardage gain in the first half. jerome fontamillas was sidelined temporarily by a bent finger during a furious solo, medics were quick to administer first aid (see photo).

tonight's bloopers were noteworthy: yours truly broke 2 sticks during the first song, tim's bass came unplugged twice, and drew's guitar amp had an electrical fit. what's a rock show without stuff going wrong anyway?

at this point in the tour i have gotten so used to backstage hallways that it's good to walk up to the very top of the arena and sit in the last row, looking down watching the stage go up and down like a lego set... it's so amazing that we get to play music everyday. fall is such a nostalgic time to tour and i know this one already has so many great moments for me.

lastly, a big shout out to our illinois friends who equipped us with new scarves tonight, our warm necks thank you. signing off. back to you andy.


  1. Anonymous says

    Lol. That was good Chad. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. Good luck with breaking those drumsticks and God Bless you all.

    Hannah Pink says

    Thank you for such an incredible concert/cause! My mother and I have seen Switchfoot 4 times now, and you guys never cease to amaze us! And the fact that we happened to be staying in the hotel Jon had "sing-along" time in was just unbelievable!

    My mother, friend, and I all volunteer at Habitat for Humanity here in Peoria, IL, so it was great to see something so powerful go out to such a great cause.

    lastly, I ask if you guys could keep our friend Caye in your thoughts. She has been diagnosed with stomach cancer that is rapidly spreading, and she also is a Habitat volunteer.

    thank you once more! keep up the incredible work!

    x3beccamariex3 says

    thank you for that lovely daily foot chad. I'm glad to see I finally made the daily foot.

    You guys were absolutely amazing.

    I hope the rest of tour goes well for you, and everybody involved with such a wonderful cause.

    Sophie says

    Poor Romey!
    Lol, thanks for posting Chad.
    Thanks so much for changing music and the world for the better. =) Can't wait for Baltimore!

    Lori says

    Chad, sounds like SportsCenter could use you when you have a free day. :)

    I spy Becca at the aftershow. You just can't beat an aftershow!

    Emily Makar says

    jeroooome's face ahaha. love that kid.

    Anonymous says

    haha that was great chad!
    aww poor jerome! lol
    luv the pic of jon cymbal bashing!

    Josh says

    Hey Guys! Me and my dad drove 5 1/2 hours from Kansas City to see you and RK, and boy, was it worth it! And Jon came one row and one seat infront of me when he brought out the string of lights! :D
    Thanks Guys!

    Laila says

    Chad, you're great. It was sweet just walking through Starbucks and seeing you and Tim hanging out.

    Show was great.
    After show was great.

    Andy, it was nice chatting with you.

    Job says

    Hey Chad!! Thanks for reporting! haha.

    "medics were quick to administer aid" hahahahah! Made my night right there!

    ohgravitysonfire says

    chaddo you rock =D

    and i think its very rad that y'all played in springfield...after all, my cousins live there :)

    exactly 6 hrs away from here, but close nonetheless.

    if possible i hope y'all got some D.C. sightseeing in cuz its only 30 mins away.

    Peace, Love, and Rock

    God Bless,


    Kelli says

    Okay, wow, I am in that picture in the hotel lobby! LOL That is just surreal...
    Great show, unbelievable. All you guys really delivered the goods. ;)
    And the aftershow was phenomenal. Thanks again!

    Katie says
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    Katie says
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    Katie says
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    ktlouuu says

    wesome job guys =) sixth time and im still excited and even more excited every time! =) i thought i wouldnt be able to see you guys this fall because i'd be away at school, however, u guys played closer to the unviersity i go too!!! cause i live in the chicago suburbs so, that was very exciting for me!!

    ktlouuu says

    o and ps, my fellowship here did trick or treating for change, for habitat for humanity, and it was very fun, habitat raised around 10,000 dollars worth of extra change laying around =) which will be used to build houses of course =)