knoxville, tennessee.

as far as i'm concerned, most -villes are pretty awesome, and tonight was no exception. the first thing we all noticed was that this technically was the first show of the tour that was done on ice. yes, you read that right, on ice. this arena is home to the local minor league hockey team, and the ice was covered over for the rocking to commence. and yeah, it was cold in there.

the show tonight was pretty great as usual. i'm really loving the new way that the guys are doing 'on fire' and 'meant to live' lately. super good.

oh, and tim had an epiphany that combos are the anti-tic-tacs.


  1. x3beccamariex3 says

    haha. brilliant, mr. barron.

    Sophie says

    Haha, tic tacs are the anti-combos. We love Tim! Keep it up, guys. I can't wait for Baltimore!

    Kristen says

    i loved the show!!!! i'm glad you guys liked my song book! come back soon! =]

    mike says

    yes the bestest best road trip snack! COMBOS!!!

    Anonymous says

    ok you guys REALLY need to come back to knoxville, I'm dying here!!!