atlanta, georgia.

looking back on today, it was probably one of the craziest, busiest, and altogether hectic days on this tour so far, but even with all that said, it was still so fun and the show tonight was amazing.

let's backtrack.

earlier on in the day, jon and i ran out for probably the shortest photo shoot known to man. i think the time between us walking out of the building to us walking back inside was literally 1 minute. we managed to get some winners though. (i know this one has jon's face out of focus, but i like it. its arty.)

a little after that, the guys had the chance to eat dinner with the CEO of Habitat For Humanity, which was pretty cool. (he's in the picture with the guys)

after that, some ruth, some relient k, then some switchfoot. even though tonight's one of the biggest shows of the tour, the guys pulled off a fun, yet intimate feeling show. it definitely helped that vibe when jon ran out into the crowd up these weird side parts of the audience. while he was up there, amidst 'on fire', he signed a kid's cast. pretty awesome.


  1. pop says

    i made the df! sweet. ;)

    Anonymous says

    i like the pic with the trees, the detail in the leaves rock!

    ohgravitysonfire says

    agreed. i like how instead of the norm of a clear foreground with a blurry background, it is opposite.

    that makes it very rad :)


    Anonymous says

    awesome show!
    relient k and ruth did a great job.
    i was one of the few that waited for the guys afterwards. :)


    laura leigh says

    YAY! I was at this show--my first ever relient k or switchfoot concert. It was quite plainly the best concert ever. amazing! Switchfoot, you are amazing. Tell Relient K that they are equally amazing. Cause I love you both. I can not believe that there was a concert with my two favorite bands in one night!!!!! (and ruth was pretty great too!)
    but have no idea what your songs mean to me...they are so real and meaningful...thanks
    much love from an uber-fan.

    Anonymous says

    i loooved this was the best show i have ever been to! i have been a die-hard fan of switchfoot for forever. they did sooo good! come back soon please!!!
    so put them together sf+rk=perfect!