mobile, alabama.

another sunday, another day of football. hollerrr.

sp a bunch of the guys went to this thing called 'woofstock'. chad said it was basically 'a rock concert for dogs' (and their owners). all these dogs dress up in costumes and bands play for them. it was crazy. (we here at the daily foot apologize for the lack of photos of sweet dogs in costumes, but we didn't hear about it until after the fact. bummer.)

back at the venue, more bands were playing, except i didn't see anyone in dog costumes, or dogs in costumes for that matter.

i think jon going out into the crowd was extra fun tonight. he made it farther out than he normally does. the rope lights are back and better than ever this tour. we found these extra long ones somewhere and they look pretty awesome.


  1. Anonymous says

    Lol, that's me in the tour t-shirt in the second picture from the left. Awesome show guys!

    switchfootdude says

    Yeah dude! They played Head over heels for me because I requested it! They actually knocked american dream off the set list to play it! So Sweet!