baton rouge, louisiana.

ahh yes, the red stick. today we are in this part of town that if you go out back of the venue, there many large random things: a battleship, some sort of oil derrick looking thing, and a train. it was weird, but awesome. jon and i walked around there and did a kind of impromptu photo shoot.

after the show, i think the idea of having a few days off excited everyone, so a dance party broke out on the bus. dj drew was in the house and the party was bumpin. various members of band and crew for all 3 bands filtered their way through, and it was super fun.


  1. Natalie says

    wow. that dance sounds like fun! haha those pics are amazing. that picture of tim is awesome! thanks andy!

    sara says

    i was at that was awesome! thanks guys

    Anonymous says

    i was there i was there i was there
    i got to meet jon afterwards. i saw you there, andy. you and jon were laughing and pushing eachother when you were in that garage thingy where the tour buses were.