houston, texas.

today started out very very early. like, 'waking up when it's dark' early. it was for a good reason though. some of the sf and rk guys went over to a habitat for humanity build this morning and worked for a few hours. watching jerome wield a nail gun is a beautiful thing, let me tell you.

back to the venue, and all of us who woke up early take naps. they were well earned and well needed, because tonight's show is the biggest of the tour. it's gonna be nuts.

(the show happens. minds are blown.)

tonight was in the top 5 switchfoot shows i've ever seen. (and at this point, i've seen a few hundred). the crowd was 7000+ people, and they all were pretty much flipping out the entire time.

at the meet and greet, the guys were given a plaque which commemorates that an astronaut took a copy of 'oh! gravity' on board the international space station and the thing had a photo of the cd floating in midair. pretty dang awesome.

gravity in space? ridiculous.


  1. Anonymous says

    oh wow.
    PHENOMENAL show the guys put on last night, once again!
    i dont know what it is about houston,texas shows, but we always seem to have a spot in the best shows on tour. :]
    its pretty amazing.

    but thanks to switchfoot for making the night just incredible.
    i cant wait until i see them again.
    its ALWAYS a pleasure!!!


    Jacqui says

    Eeep, definitely an amazing show! I was so sad that I had to leave early, before searching around for the guys after the show... *cough*... but I'm so glad I went!

    And I think I can see myself in that last picture. Eheheh. :P

    Audrey says

    yeah!!! awesome show last night!!! i still cant stop thinking about it. and afterwards i waited with my friends in the cold to meet the guys and it was so totally worth it!!!! we made matching shirts! :)

    vee says

    yeah, my friend went to that show. it was her first SF concerto, so before she went, i told her to get ready to be rocked cuz fans and critics alike agree that The Foot is one of the best live acts around. so after, she told me how awesome it was. i could tell that her mind had been blown. she said "yeah, and he [Jono] even went in the audience!" i told her he does that every show. i asked, "they were all pretty sweaty, huh?" and she said "they were! how'd you know?" but of course, we all know.

    Victoria says

    This show was AMAZING. And not just because when Jon came into the audience it was right behind me. It was just a truly amazing show, just full of energy the whole time. If going to SF concerts is like therapy for me (and it so is), then this stands as pretty much the best therapy session EVER. God is absolutely working through these guys, and He's doing it by making them awesome.

    Cassie says

    I was at the show last night (with Victoria right up there in the comments), and the guys were AMAZING! I honestly cannot put into words how much their music means to me, and what it has gotten me through in my life. I hope someday I can meet them and try to express it in person. I just feel like Jon really needs to know how he touches people with his words, and what an amazing instrument of God's he truly is.

    Also, thank Jon for picking our section to climb into. He was right behind our seats, two feet away, singing to us, and it was completely awesome. :)

    This was my second Switchfoot show (all this year, even), and I had the most wonderful time. I always do, and I am going to catch a Texas date every time they come here from now on. I can't describe how much it means to be there and sing their words back to them. Thanks to the guys for being so fantastic and giving us their all, and we definitely try to give it back. As long as they keep coming to Texas, a bunch of fans that love them are going to keep showing up.

    switchkosterice says

    hey andy!

    give us a picture of the plaque!

    i wish i was there...

    lydz..... says

    HAHA, they all look so manly working on the houses!

    love the pictures, and the drew's stache is back!YES!

    lydz..... says

    HAHA, they all look so manly working on the houses!

    love the pictures, and the drew's stache is back!YES!

    megan says

    That show was awesome. I had never been to one that big before and even tho I was towards the back it was still amazing. Was there a meet and greet? I waited for a while outside and met Shneck but then we had to go. Driving 12 hours was definatly worth it. The show rocked.

    Job says

    a pic of that space plaque would be amazing!!!

    Paige says

    THAT WAS AN AWESOME SHOW! I don't think I've ever been to such an incredible show. I give a million thanks to switchfoot for making it so amazing. Being there singing the songs with everyone gives you the best feeling. I can't wait to for them to come back so I can go see them again!

    Brianna says

    That was suchhhh a great show! Thank you for coming to houston!!! Everyone here loves you guys!!!!!!! Come back soon!

    rose says

    I talked to jerome about this show and he told me it was his in his top 10 favorite sf shows ever...I thought he was joking haha.

    Christine says

    such an amazing show! Jon came right to where I was with the rope lights - it was pretty awesome. Ahh, there was a meet and greet?? I wish I had known about it... but my friends and I stayed after for a bit and met Jon Schneck but then we had to leave... maybe next time I'll get to stay later. I'd reeeeeally like to see an aftershow one day.
    Anyway, great show =)

    Anonymous says

    That's awesome about the album in space!! pretty sweet!

    Chad's pic is awesome by the by.


    Natalie says

    That concert was amazing! Thanks Andy!

    LAUREN says

    this was seriously the most amazing show i have ever been to. ya'll put on an amazing show, and your music has so much meaning. God has really blessed all of you. i left with such a good feeling inside :) i hope yall can come back soon. i would love to meet you guys sometime.

    Lori says

    Do the smiles on the guys faces (in the pic at the top of the daily foot with the guys backs to the crowd)not say it all! And Andy, you had a pretty wide smile on your face too!

    mary says

    that night was AMAZING. us houston people always end up in the top somehow... we love our switchfoot fixes! :D :D :D :D :D :D twas..... simply amazing.

    Anonymous says

    AHHHHH!!! I LOOOOVE SWITCHFOOT SO MUCH!!!! the show was sooooo amaazzzing!!!!!! it was a gift for my b-day.....and i must say, BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!! jon came right into my section!! i got some amazing close-up pics & even got to TOUCH him!!!
    i waited in the cold by the buses afterward -lucky me, i had my switchfoot jacket to keep me warm!!! ;) met jon schneck and he signed my shoe, but before sf came out, i had to leave b/c we had a lotta people to take home =( next time......
    before the concert i saw ya andy out there setting up...i yelled your name really loud but ya didnt hear me....o well haha
    before the show i saw tim outside the buses & i started hyperventilating so bad that i couldn't even get a picture lol my dad was like CALM DOWN haha...
    hey andy let us know about meet & greets ahead of time....& i would really like to see a pic of Oh!Gravity floating in space
    i can't even use words to describe what the 'foot means to me....seriously very very moving in my heart......
    love always,

    Jonathan says

    i love the part about gravity in space. Did you get any pictures of that?

    jccreech says

    Yeah, I agree w/ everyone else....AWESOME concert!

    And if anyone wants to see pictures of Oh! Gravity in space you can go to my web site: http://web.mac.com/jccreech/iWeb/My%20Site/Switchfoot%20Concert.html
    Once again, AWESOME CONCERT!

    Anonymous says

    WOW!!! this was the best concert!! me & my friend made a huge hot pink sign! & john totally came up to us during "on fire"! right b/w me & my friend mikey!...so cuza the sign!:) it's like my dream to meet him but touching him & being rt next to him was good enough. haha! Switchfoot is my fav & this was the 1st time iv seen them! it rockedahulad!thanx mucho & cant wait 4 next time yall come 2 town! god bless ya *aShLyE*

    Anonymous says

    Such an amazing show. I was really bummed that I missed ya'll during the Oh! Gravity tour but it was all made up for here. I had also once missed out on a Relient K concert, so I was really excited when I heard about this tour. Next time come to Austin so I don't have to drive so far.