grand prairie, texas.

technically, we're in the dallas area, but if the name grand prairie is any sort of indication, there's not a whole lot of stuff around. but, we definitely were able to deal because this venue rules pretty hardcore.

there's all these paintings up on the walls of past shows, and some of them are pretty rad. they even made a sweet 'appetite for construction' one. jon kind of looks japanese in it though. hah.

the show tonight was pretty amazing. the guys worked on a new intro for meant to live, and started playing on fire sounding more like the record version, and it seriously rules. i can't wait for all you guys to hear it.


  1. Susieq3c says

    Ah...standing between Jack Johnson and James Taylor. Cool.

    Erin El-Tawil says

    Im from houston and was really sad that I couldnt go to the houston show becuase the berry center is right around the corner from where I live. but im a TCU student and a bunch of us got toether to go to the show. even though I love Dallas I must say the houston crowds are much better. I did love the smaller venue though. the show was pretty amazing becuase of how small the venue was. I was right up next to the stage and even can spot myself in one of the pictures!! love you guys and I cant wait until you come back again. my prayers go out to you and all of those affected by the fires in california!

    JLody says

    I was there, and it was my first concert ever (not just a switchfoot concert, but like the very first rock concert- not part of some conference or anything..)
    and it was just... AWESOME :}
    especially where jon went into the crowd during 'on fire.'
    i was in the pit, and i totally didn't see how jon crossed over the pit... (did he fly or summin?)

    Anonymous says

    OMG!!! The concert in Grand Prairie ROCKED!!!! It was my first Switchfoot concert and I loved every bit of it!!! They are even better in person!!!! Yall ROCK!!!! Keep up the great work!! Come back to our part of town anytime!! I look foward to seeing yall again!!! God Bless!! Love, Amber

    Abby says

    It was amazing... the crowd was really awesome.. and Gone... man, that was amazing! hahaha mixed with Crazy in love... and How you guys started with the tune of meant to live... then changed it to Oh Gravity.. lol. that was hilarious...
    Pretty awesome! Can't wait till the next concert

    Anonymous says

    yup grand prairie is pretty boring. but they do have the wax museum and ripley's believe it or not which is right by Nokia but thats about it. But the show was awesome!!! I loved it!

    Emily says

    Man, this was my first Switchfoot concert and they don't disappoint! You know those bands that sound really good on the c.d. but are really crappy live? Switchfoot is NOT one of those bands. They sound even BETTER live! This concert was amazing, don't hesitate to come back to Grand Prairie guys!!

    I am now having withdrawals. I wanted to follow the tour bus to the next venue! Seriously guys, come back soon!!

    Anonymous says

    I DIED when they walked on and was playing LED ZEPPELIN!!! Led and SF are my 2 favorite bands of al time and i melted into a puddle and died. i cried when they played the shadow proved the sinshine

    AMAZING concert

    you guys still need to come to Denton

    (Andy you insprie my photography)

    Jennifer says

    Switchfoot has been my favorite band for a good five years now. This was the fourth Switchfoot show I've been to, and I have to say, it never gets old! Every show I go to is different and amazing in its own way. Even when I have to stand in line for hours or be squeezed into the pit with all the other die-hard fans, it's still absolutely worth it.
    I'll see y'all next time you're in town!
    Thanks for sharing your music with the world!

    Wren says

    that show rocked. It was amazing. But i do no tknow how jon made it over the pit. I was in the pit and he did n=take a sep in there