jonesboro, arkansas.

after wandering into the venue and getting situated, drew, tim, schneck, and i cruised over to a local guitar shop to go check it out. it turned into a small jam session with tim on drums and drew and schneck on dualing guitars. there was a lot of shredding going on.

back at the venue, tonight was another awesome show. about 10 minutes before the show, one of the fuses blew in drew's amp, but he improvised and still ruled, as usual. great show.


  1. Courtney says

    Ha, that was a great show guys. I have a good idea where you guys went and I have to say not a bad choice choosing there.

    You guys rocked the roof off the convo and I love that picture of the cell phones waving, just makes you feel like you are one with the rest of the world around you.

    Anonymous says

    yea Guit Down is a pretty cool place. But that was seriously one of the best concerts I've ever been to! AMAZING!!!! I saw jerome in barnes and noble. I took a pic with him.

    Paige says

    hey!!!! that show was amazing!!!! thanks Jerome for the boy advice!!! lol