lynchburg, virginia.

today started like any other day, and that means buying t-shirts that like you're either wearing a tuxedo or doctors' scrubs. thats how you start your day right? (in other words, jon and i found a store with said t-shirts, and now we own them. good times.)

getting back to the venue, the guys had some time to kill before soundcheck, so in probably one of my favorite musical moments i've had the joy of experiencing lately, i listened to drew and jon go over what is one of my favorite switchfoot songs, love is a movement. it sounded great. can't wait to hear it live.

after that, the guys soundcheck, then it was nearing show time.

tonight was a totally packed basketball gym, and there was tons of energy in the air. there were boardies everywhere, and baked goods abounded. good times.

the show was just as feel-good. this crowd was definitely very loud and very into it, and it showed. the 'yaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaaas' for awakening were extra loud tonight.

appetite for construction show -1 is now in the books. we have a couple days to get ready, then let the madness begin.


  1. Luke says

    Holy cow! Best daily foot ever. Thanks Andy!

    Job says

    SWEET! Picture three is awesome!

    Thanks Andy Barron (aka genius)!

    rose says

    all my buddies were there.

    Anonymous says

    drew is so GQ now!!

    Anonymous says

    drew is so GQ now!!

    Gabby says

    Love Drew's new do.
    Awesome Daily foot ... :D

    Jason says

    Awesome as usual. I like the shot of Drew and Jon.

    Nikki says

    awesome Daily Foot.
    thanks Mr. Barron! :]

    x3beccamariex3 says

    you rock.


    Katie* says

    andy! i am so glad this is back up, i've missed the daily foot thank you kind sir!

    btw- i have a present for minnesota ready

    Anonymous says

    The black & white Tim pic is is the Drew/Jon one. Great job Andy!


    steph says

    andy is awesome!

    Anonymous says

    awesome pics!!!!!!!!!
    y'all have to come back to Vermont!
    If you come back i will bake you a cake.

    lydz says

    i love these pics!!! i love the 'go super high jump' by tim! haha great stuff!!!

    switchkosterice says

    i love those shirts!
    and that is a GREAT picture of tim screaming into the microphone

    Christine says

    Nice pics, especially the one of Drew and Jon. And oh I love Love Is The Movement... I can't wait to see it live!

    Susieq3c says

    Love that image of passion. Looking forward to the tour. See you on the 1st and 3rd in SC!!

    Anonymous says

    I was totally there! You guys were so awesome! I'm really glad that you were able to come to VA since you guys haven't really come in a while. Thanks Switchfoot (and Andy)!