charleston, west virginia.

hello fine people in switchfootland. we are broadcasting this message from the lovely memorial auditorium where rehearsals for the appetite for construction tour have been happening these past 2 days. the first day was production day which means all of our genius crew members can set everything up and make sure it all works (that 'genius' comment wasn't sarcastic by the way, they really are really smart). day 2 involves the bands playing through songs and practicing and whatnot. good times. drew practiced his powerslide. he gets an A+.


  1. Nikki says

    yeah! go Drew! :D

    Shawna Lea says

    Yes! that powerslide was amazing!!! I wish I could see that live!!! ;0)

    Job says

    NICEE! haha. first, the jump off the drum riser, then the powerslide...

    Drew is becoming a true rocker!!! haha

    lydz says

    wow..drew's inner ROCK 'N' ROLLer is beginning to come out......

    i like it......very much!
    haha truely rad/sauciness!

    Sophie says

    Lynchburg was shweet.

    Natalie says

    Can't wait to see Drew's powerslide live!! Thanks Andy!