shippensburg, pennsylvania.

well, it's officially the -2nd show of tour. the official run of the 'appetite for construction' tour is closely approaching, but before that, there are 2 -burg shows. tonight is burg 1.

as a small preview of what's to come, ruth is opening tonight's show, so that should be fun.

(ruth plays, switchfoot plays, faces are melted.)

tonight was a good show. definitely a good opener for this next long run. for those of you who haven't seen switchfoot in awhile, you're definitely in for some new treats, one of them being the big s star that will blind all of your eyeballs with beams of awesome. you'll dig it, trust me.

definitely a special moment tonight when a young man brought his guitar to see if perhaps jon would play 'yesterdays' on it. being the gentleman he is, jon obliged, and the full band treated the crowd to a pretty amazing rendition of 'yesterdays'.

1 more burg, and then the appetite. chill.


  1. Jordan says
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    Jordan says

    what an awesome show! even though it wasn't sold out... switchfoot still rocked the night!

    rose says


    Sarah says

    that show was RAAAAAAAAAD. love the pic taken of the whole stage...

    LyDz..... says

    hahahaha!!!! yes sarah..VERY RAD! I love the pic of the stage, it makes me miss those concerts(the big ones)
    i thought that thing on chad drum set was like a ruber jelly fish...hahah! it looks like it

    p.s. i love drews hair cut

    Shawna Lea says

    "Beams of awsome"

    that made me laugh out loud... I woke my dog up. :)

    Sarah says

    yeah gotta love drew's hair :)
    gotta love it.
    i know i LOVE the big shows!!!! sadly i won't be going to any more of them until next year sometime because my mom has this thing about going to too many rock concerts. going to one any time during the remainder of this year would be "too much". so unless someone else takes me, no more switchfoot till 2008! :(

    alex says

    Andy, you drew me and my friend a turkey in the photobook. :)

    edwin22 says

    ya i think that show was prob 1 of the best show iv ever been to b/c jon foreman played my guitar it was really amazing seeing him hold my guitar it was crazy
    if u have any pics or vids plzzz send

    Tiffany says

    I LOOOOVVVEED this show. When Jon came in the crowd he stood on the chair beside me..pretty sweet. Yup Switchfoot is pretty the best band everrrrr.