grand rapids, michigan.

up on the walls of the room where the show is tonight, there are these little white cars that apprently they race here in this room where the show is tonight. some of us went and tried to fire one up and cruise around, but it was to no avail. that, and security guards stopped us.

the show tonight was pretty crazy. and when i say, i mean every positive connotation of that word. you knew it was gonna be that kind of night when the crowd basically just started flipping out when just the lights went down. i mean normally there's a decent rumble and/or roar, but this was pretty ridiculous. the crowd stayed into it the entire show and you could definitely tell it impacted the guys' playing. i even thought drew was going to jump off the drum riser at one point, but then he just stepped off. i'll get a picture of it happening one of these days. i've got to.

after the show there was a small weezer sing-along in the dressing room, and then it was time to pack it up and go to the next town. awesome night.


  1. Susieq3c says

    what an awesome looking super-gym or something. glad the show went well!

    Anonymous says

    Hey Andy...what is a weezer sing-along?

    LyDz..... says

    haha! i could just see everyone from sf, rk, and ruth get all excited about racing around in mini cars, then their hopes were crushed by gards..LOL!
    very good. & it's nice to see a picture from chad's view of the stage(see picture #4)

    ohgravitysonfire says


    chad's drumsticks are ...glowing

    rad :)

    Anonymous says

    I was at that show!! IT was amazing, thank u so much. Tht was my second time seeing SF and my first time seeing RK! Tho, I'm really sad that it's Dave Douglas's last tour :(

    Anonymous says

    That show was so amazing!!! My friends and I knew every word in all the songs!! Rebuild was amazing! I lost my voice by the end of the concert. YOU guys are so awesome! I can't wait for the next tour!!

    Anonymous says

    u guys rocked... that pretty much sums it up

    butterfly173173173 says

    I was there and it was amazing! And yes I did start "flipping out" when the lights went down, and also when a roadie came out and set something up :P Oh! And it was my first time crowd surfing! Yeah-ya!