cedar falls, iowa.

attention peoples of iowa. if you saw 2 men (1 with a mustache), approximately in their late 20s to early 30s, running through the roads of your state, climbing your trees and picking your apples, do not be alarmed, it was just jon foreman and matt theissen on a snack-finding jog.

back at the venue, darts are starting to take over this tour. relient k brought a dartboard, and everyone's starting to pick it up. i forsee a ruth/rk/sf dart competition in the future.

tonight was fun. jon had quite the little jaunt out in the crowd. the funniest part was when this girl was trying to take a picture of herself and jon, so jon grabbed the camera then snapped the photo. the girl checked out the photo, and decided it apparently needed a second take, so she ran over and jon did it again. it was funny.


  1. Natalie says

    wow. that first paragraph had me rolling on the floor in laughter. Oh, and the last two pics aren't working, fyi. At least not for me... Thanks Andy for the update!

    Anonymous says

    That was so funny!!!! LOL!!! Those last two pics aren't working for me either!!

    LyDz..... says

    OMG....i wish i would have (1) seen them running & climbing and (2) i wish i would have video taped it if i say it!
    gooooodness, they are so funny. they BETTER be making podcasts together with them being....THEM! = FUNNY...wait, no...HOLRAIOUS!!!
    i love you guys, great photos.
    Jon's photo looked like he was making out with his guitar, jk.
    good stuff

    LyDz..... says

    @natelie:^ they aren't working for me either....idk y. it says page not found.....????

    ohgravitysonfire says

    yeah the last 2 pics need to be re-uploaded

    that first one though is awesome

    gellie says

    for the last pic, try this link: http://www.switchfoot.com/newdf/5/3.jpg

    Katie* says

    andy...this was either not iowa or not the 20th

    you were in minnesota on the 20th! it was LAST night!

    Anonymous says

    Yes, Cedar Falls was on Friday the 19th...

    Katie* says

    that's what i thought...i was like "jon wasn't wearing that last night...was he?"

    lydz..... says

    wow gellie, when i fallowed that link....that picture was freakin' amazing.
    the lights were soo rad!
    p.s. i didn't see the middle pic though, but it's okay. im sure it's awsome

    Emily Makar says

    can't wait to see that middle photo. but dude im so excited for this tour and how different it's going to be after reading all of these new daily foots! thanks andy for the rad updates

    Josh says

    You guys put on a great show! I was up in front so I'm pretty sure you had to have seen me, plus Jon touched 2 of my friends. Oh yes.

    lydz says

    the front page isn't working for me so i'll say it here.............
    have a great one!
    *run to kitchen*
    im off to make you a cake and send the pic to LOBH! :D :D

    Anonymous says

    first row at switchfoot! i have now accomplished everything in life. amazing show.. can't wait for the next album! aww.. i want to see the middle picture :( ... but awesome job!

    Anonymous says

    oh yes. what lydz said. HAPPY 31st! Hope you have a good one!

    SWITCHkosterice says

    i like apples.

    and andy, that last picture of jon is PERFECT. there are no other words to describe its beauty. just PERFECT.

    jim curly sanchez says

    So sweet!! Andy...you have done a wonderful job indeed, thus far.

    Anonymous says

    funny :D the second photo isnt working for me :( hope theres a new podcast soon!

    Sarah says

    I LOVE SWITCHFOOT! Juuuust playin' the best music I've ever heard.

    Anonymous says

    i'd love to see the second pic. :(

    Anonymous says

    why can't we still see the second photo? is there a way to re upload it? or does andy not know its error-ing?