saint paul, minnesota.

there was a field next to today's venue, so apparently some good 'ol rk/sf soccer was going down. at that time, drew and i were out checking out the greater twin cities area, including some guitar and record shops we didn't really find a lot, except drew got o brother where art thou on dvd (we then watched it later that night, and it ruled).

back at the venue, the crowd was sizing up to the biggest of tour, and after a quick walk down the line with a video camera, that was confirmed. it took a long time to get down the whole thing.

the show tonight was seriously crazy. the people were freakin' out, and like i said before, there were a whole lot of them. at one point, jon even crowdsurfed for a bit, which is always fun. probably one of the most fun shows of this tour so far.


  1. Anonymous says

    jon and matt look so cute in the first pic!
    i love jon's smile. =)
    sounds like you guys are having an awesome time. wish i could be there as well..
    well good luck for the other shows to come!


    Anonymous says

    I was right there john. You crowd surfed right over me. And when you took the cymbal and just started wailing on it. That was sweet stuff.


    gellie says

    kudos to you, twin cities. i miss ya.

    Anonymous says

    There's nothing better than being front and center with Jon Foreman rockin' out right in front of you. Wonderful show yet again, probably better than Winnipeg, though in Winnipeg it was really small compared to this.

    Enjoy the rest of the tour and hope you reached your family with all the tragedy going ons in California...

    God Bless,

    Katie* says

    minnesota rocks...we so proved it

    grgiagrl07 says

    I must say that I'm lovin the stache that Matt is sporting!! Very nice!! Can't wait to see you guys in Springfield Illinois!!

    Thanks Andy for the amazing shots!! You rock!

    God Bless!
    Becky <><

    joyful1 says

    the duelling guitars is real nice, Andy :)

    Dylan says

    Dude, O brother where art thou is an awesome movie! Totally rad, yo! And SF/RK soccer, who won? Hahaha, thanks Andy.

    All the guys families are in my prayers. God bless, and God be merciful.


    Travis says

    Great show! I was right on front of Tim. Seriously, everytime I see Switchfoot I get reminded of how amazing they are.


    Lindsay G says

    that pic of jon and matt is so funny!

    Anonymous says

    The Jon/Drew pic is awesome. Drew's facial expression is great.


    Kati Rox says

    OMG this was my first concert and I didn't even know Switchfoot (I went for Relient K) by the end of it, I loved them both!
    Tim, Jon, Matt and all of the other dudes rox!!!!