columbus, ohio.

so i remember on mtv awhile back, there used to be this show where bands would go and surprise a group of people and play an impromptu show somewhere like a mall or a skatepark or something. well, switchfoot kind of did that today at a highschool somewhere in the greater columbus area. they set it up that a guy was supposed to come out and pretend to forget how to play guitar, and then switchfoot would come and save the day. the kids flipped out, it was pretty awesome.

back at the venue, 'rebuild' was getting worked on during soundcheck. this is basically turning into a band free-for-all on stage, and i love it. the song is great, and it's just super fun to see everyone up there having fun. especially because matt from rk has an amazing mustache. the song should be good tonight.

after some dinner and a few rounds of darts on sidestage, showtime.

now, i'm not saying this because i'm biased, but the guys' shows are seriously ruling it on this tour. they've stepped it up big time. i think my favorite moment of the night is the new mashup they're playing. i don't want to give it away, but needless to say, it is pretty amazing. oh, and rebuild did rule.



  1. Louisa says

    that's so cool that they played at a high school, I would flip out too!

    And I agree, Matt's mustache is pretty amazing

    Joy says

    this show rocked!!

    Anonymous says

    Switchfoot is the coolest band ever! We're so smart to have picked them to be "groupies" over! The whole show was the best concert I have ever been to EVER!

    lydz says

    man, those are some good pics!
    the one of tim is very nice and i sooo wish i was there for jon playing 'Rebuld!' i PRAY they play that song in Davis, CA
    *wink, wink* ;)

    Susieq3c says

    Gorgeous photo of Tim....and yep, i know some highschoolers who might just die on the spot if SF showed up there unannounced.

    Deborah says

    I love the last pic of Jon, It reminds me of an other pic,

    laura says

    could you post the setlist from wednesday...and more pictures, Andy! more pictures! could you stick those on your website or something? that'd so rock...
    thanks! ( i was that random girl that shouted hello before SF came out. haha)

    Kadi says

    it about killed me when i heard the guys played at that school since i've played them in volleyball a few times.

    but that was an amazing show. loved rebuild.

    and that second picture of jon is awesome. =D

    mandy says

    i can't wait till the dallas show! it sounds like its been a lot of fun so far!

    Sophie says

    Wow, Great photos Andy!
    I can't wait for Baltimore!

    Abby says

    OMG! if you do that on my highschool, i'd have a heart attack or something. it'd be absolutely awesome! hahaha

    come to my high school!! hahaha lol

    MacArthur High school! =)

    joyful1 says

    Say Andy - the pic of Tim is amazing...very bluesy. Thanks again for your incredible talents =] Am looking forward to seeing pics from the EMU concert in Ypsilanti as that's my alma mater - haven't seen that campus since.... well... it's been a long time. Thanks for being the eyes of many!

    laura says

    wow! you guys that was an awesome show. thanks for such a great time! i'm kinda bummed you weren't allowed to sign stuff though, oh well. my friend got mad when you sang gone because she is like in love with elvis (no idea why...)
    relient k was also amazing! i loved their set!

    Natalie says

    I'm digging Tim's tie.

    lydz..... says

    i digg too natalie^

    aj says

    yeah and i was the brother of the girl and we shouted "ANDY!" before the show. i thought for sure you would mention your first two fans. *sniff*

    Anonymous says

    That was an awesome concert! Rebuild was so sweet...Jon was so close to us when he came out in the crowd!!! That has to be the best concert I have ever been to!

    Anonymous says

    That picture of Jon singing into the crowd is amazing! It looks like he's cut out or something. Great job as always Andy!