seattle, washington.

preface: seattle is one of the best towns in america. some of us went down to pike's place right when we got into town and had some clam chowder and/or shrimp cocktail. it was awesome. during the day, we saw the blue angels flying through the seattle bay, so jon and tim made a call and they all came to the show tonight! it was pretty fun having the blue angels people now get to come and have fun at Switchfoot's office. (although as far as I know, none of the blue angels pilots passed out or threw up during the show.) jon then had a sweet little aftershow tucked away in an entryway to an apartment building. good times.


  1. Michele says

    Andy...that aftershow was SWEET! Jon is amazing and you are awesome...liked your Tom's shoes! And hoped you enjoyed your shower....cuz it was so hot in the Moore theatre after watching SWF play! Keep on many shows are left for this tour! :) And yes go see Partamore and No Doubt if you can!

    Sarah says

    Andy... even though I have the newest version of Flash Player installed on my computer, I am not able to watch any of the daily foot videos that are posted. Any ideas? I'm going crazy!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see the videos!

    Erin says

    Hahaha, favorite quote here: "although as far as I know, none of the blue angels pilots passed out or threw up during the show."

    Anyway... I think I'm in that crowd somewhere!! It's just, like, impossible to see me, because it's sorta blurry. Hehe.

    Rachel says

    Nice pick Tim! I love you guys and have posted a comment on a lot of the daily foot videos cause they are so awesome! Great job and I hope to see a concert again soon! Oh, and if you have any footage of your latest concert in Memphis please post it! God bless! 

    Sanddollar says

    I was there! Great concert. My sister saw the blue Angels flying over on our way to the show and wondered if they would come to the show...
    Awesome stuff guys, Keep going for God